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Video:Easy Salmon Hash Recipe

with John Mitzewich

Combine a bag of potatoes with a piece of leftover salmon, toss in a little Chef John magic, and you've got an entree worthy of any fancy brunch spot in town. See how to make this yummy salmon hash.See Transcript

Transcript:Easy Salmon Hash Recipe

When you've got a piece of leftover salmon, there's not a lot you can do with it - maybe a salad, maybe a sandwich. Perfect use for leftover salmon: a delicious salmon and potato hash - very similar to corned beef hash, much lighter, much healthier. This is a fantastic brunch or breakfast item - let me show you how to put this together.

Prep the Hash Potatoes

If you want a really nice home-fried, or crusty-fried potato for breakfast, you want to parboil the potato first. So I got about a pound of Yukon gold potatoes that I quartered. We're going to put that over high heat and we're going to bring that to a simmer. I'm going to put in about a half-teaspoon of salt - we're not going to cook these all the way through. We're going to parboil, which means partially boil.

Okay, so our potatoes have boiled about 10-12 minutes - we're going to let them cool to room temperature, then I'm going to dice them up and we're going to begin the frying process, the sautéing process to do this delicious, crusty salmon potato hash. The size is not a huge consideration - consistency is - don't do some big, some small. We are ready to head to the stove.

Fry the Potatoes

Non-stick pan, medium high heat - couple tablespoons of butter. Don't be shy - if you want crusty, you need a little bit of butter. And then to the two tablespoons of butter add about a tablespoon of olive oil - and when the butter foams, and then stops foaming, we're going to add our potatoes. Be careful they don't splash - always push away.

Now, the first phase of cooking here is just to start basically to cook the potatoes and get them a little crusty. So the only thing I'm going to add here is a little bit of salt to taste, and some freshly ground black pepper. This is going to go for about six or seven minutes - give it a little head start. Then we're going to start adding the rest of the ingredients.

Flavor the Hash

We're going to use some traditional herbs that go with salmon: dill and tarragon. All together, you want maybe three or four tablespoons of fresh herb here - we're going to chop that, mince that, and just set that aside.

Okay, so now I'm going to reduce the heat to medium - I'm going to add the small bunch of green onions, and I'm going to save a little bit of the green tops to garnish later. So this you're just going to set aside. But you're going to add the bottoms of the green onions, the lighter and whiter parts. We're going to put in about a quarter cup of roasted, spicy tomato salsa. So you're going to mix that in - we're going to pat it down a little bit, and we're going to let that crisp up for about five minutes.

Add the Salmon

Then we're going to add our salmon and we're going to finish this thing off. That nice fresh herb. And then really important: I want you to press it down, because this is the final crustification of the dish. So we want to get a really nice layer of crispiness on the bottom - what we'll do is we'll kind of turn it over as it cooks, and we'll do that a couple times. Again this is on medium heat. That is ready to eat.

Serve the Salmon Hash

We actually went ahead and poached some eggs, with just a little crack of black pepper, and then the green onions we saved from the onions we sautéed in here. That is an unbelievable, super-fancy, super-easy breakfast/brunch item: Yukon potato salmon hash.

I hope you give that a try. I'm Chef John Mitzewich - for more information, please check out
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