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Video:How To Remove a Tick

with Rod Brouhard

Ticks can cause Lyme disease, and should be removed just as soon as they're discovered. Find out how to remove a tick.See Transcript

Transcript:How To Remove a Tick

Ticks don't just bite, they burrow in head-first. Ticks can cause Lyme disease and need to be removed as soon as they are discovered. If you do not see a tick, treat the bite like any other bug bite.

Removing a Tick

Grasp the tick with the tweezers very close to the skin. Pull with gentle, constant pressure. Pulling too hard will tear the tick and leave some behind. Examine the tick to make sure all of it has been removed. Look for the tick's mouth parts to be intact.

If any of the tick is missing, seek medical attention immediately. Save the tick in an airtight container, do not touch it. Watch the victim for several days. If signs of Lyme disease are seen, seek medical help immediately.

Tips for Removing a Tick

  • Do not twist or pull the tick.
  • Do not try to burn the tick.
  • Do not touch the tick with bare skin.
  • Check frequently for ticks in areas of the body that get moist (under arms, groin, buttocks, waist, belly button, neck, backs of knees)

What You Need to Remove a Tick

  • Small-tipped tweezers
  • Gloves or tissue
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