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Video:How to Set Up Online Checking in MS Money

with Don Schechter

You can save paper and time by setting up online checking to pay your bills. We'll show you how to set up online checking in MS Money.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up Online Checking in MS Money

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Money. Today I'll show you how to integrate your online checking account into Microsoft Money.

Manage Online Services

First, open MS money and sign into your account using your windows live ID. In the left sidebar click Manage online services. Here you can set up online account updates or other online services you receive from your bank. This is a faster way to update transaction information and keep your balances up to date.

Make Sure Your Bank is Supported

If you're not sure if Money supports your bank's online services, on the left sidebar, click see the financial institutions Money supports. This will take you to a webpage if youre connected to the internet where you can view a list of banks, credit cards and brokerages that Money works with. Find the name of your bank and click on it. A window will open giving you some information about its compatibility with MS Money. In this case, I can use my banks bill payment service from within MS Money.

Add New Account

Back in MS Money, click the account list. Click add new account. Choose the account type and click next. Find your bank and click next.

I'll find my bank and click ok. If you already pay bills online through your banks website, choose, yes I already have sign in information, otherwise click no and then next. I'll click no. It is recommended that you request sign in information that you can use with money, this way you can pay bills right from Ms Money. Click next. Click next again to go to your banks website and sign up for the online services. Enter your ID and password, click continue enrollment and follow the rest of the prompts from your bank. Then close the website and return to account set up in MS Money. After you receive your sign in information go to the account list and click your accounts provide sign in information link. Click next until you get back to the page where you can say yes, I have sign in information. After providing your username and password youll start receiving updates from your bank and keep better track of your money. Once youve successfully integrated your online checking account to Ms Money, you will see the name of your bank or credit card in the account list.

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