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Video:Mirrors and Feng Shui

with Rodika Tchi, MSc

That gorgeous new mirror may look nice behind your bed, but it can hurt your feng shui. Find out where to put your mirror to help improve the energy and flow in your home.See Transcript

Transcript:Mirrors and Feng Shui

Hi, I'm Rodika Tchi for About.com Home and Garden.

The Role of Mirrors in Feng Shui

Mirrors have been fascinating humankind since ancient times. They come in all shapes, sizes, and framing materials, and can help you in improving the energy flow in your space.

Mirrors are also called the aspiration of feng shui, because they can literally relieve your headache of having to deal with bad energy in your home.

How to Use Mirrors in the Home

Let's say this is your floor plan and this is your main door. The energy comes through the main door to nourish your home. However, if you place a mirror right in front of the main door, what is happening is you're pushing the energy right back.

So what you need to do is remove the mirror and let the energy come into your home and circulate among all the areas of your home, in turn, nourishing your own energy.

Mirrors in the Bedroom

Do not have mirrors reflecting your bed or behind your bed. In feng shui, mirrors bring the energy of war into the bedroom, as well as discourse between partners. Mirrors also weaken the energy when you sleep, if they reflect in your bed.

Cover or Remove the Mirror

There are many easy solutions, from removing the mirror to covering the mirror. In this specific case, we had a small mirrored closet in the back of the bed. And the way to deal with it is to cover it with nice fabric.

Keep Mirrors Away From the South Area

Do not place mirrors in the south area of your space. Mirrors represent water, and the south area of your space needs fire. As water puts down fire, you should not have water in the south area of your space.

The south of your space needs red, bright, fiery colors to support the light you bring into the world.

The Benefits of Mirrors in Feng Shui

In this case, the mirror serves a triple feng shui duty. Number one, it expands the narrow hallway by bringing more light in from the adjacent windows.

Number two, it hides a closet, even though the closet is quite neat and tidy. Closets have a low and static energy, so it's nice to kind of make them disappear.

Number three, the mirror compensates for the slightly missing area in the bagwa of this specific floor plan.

Where to Place Mirrors in the Home

Mirrors bring the energy of water, so it's good to have mirrors in the areas of your space with wood or water elements in it. So do place a mirror -- or more mirrors, if your décor allows -- in the east, southeast, and north areas of your space.

In this specific example, we have a beautiful gilded mirror in the southeast area of this space, which brings the energy of water. We also amplified the water energy with the light blue color.

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