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Video:How to Choose a Good Feng Shui Bed

with Carol Olmstead

Choosing the right bed is important for the feng shui of your bedroom. There are a lot of different options, but here's some advice on choosing the right feng shui bed for you.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Choose a Good Feng Shui Bed

Hi, I am Carol Olmstead with Feng Shui for Real Life and today I&#39;m showing you the basics of bed selection for feng shui. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house in feng shui, and both the size of the bed you choose and the type of headboard can affect the quality of your sleep and your relationship.<h3>Choose the Right Size Bed</h3>The first feng shui tip is to select the right size bed. Queen-size beds are rectangular in shape and therefore represent the feng shui wood element or growth. They are especially good for new marriages to grow your relationship. King-size beds are square and represent the earth element or stability. They help support existing and longtime relationships.<h3>Different Headboards Are Good for Feng Shui</h3>The shape of your headboard is more important than its material. So when you choose a headboard, think of the shape of the feng shui five elements. A square headboard is the best shape because it&#39;s the shape of the earth element that represents stability, harmony and balance. This shape also nurtures a harmonious relationship. A rectangular headboard is also preferred because it represents the wood element that encourages growth and expansion. A rounded or oval-shape signifies the metal element that promotes creativity and the creative professions. A wavy shape represents the water element and encourages relaxation and rest. It&#39;s best to avoid a triangular headboard which represents the fire element because its pointed edges could cause arguments between the couple.<h3>Footboards Can Help or Hurt Feng Shui</h3>A footboard is not essential for all beds but is to be used if the only way to place your bed is with your feet facing directly out the door, which is considered inauspicious. Just make sure your footboard isn&#39;t higher than your headboard or the positive Chi won&#39;t reach you. Remember, no matter what bed you choose, avoid storing things underneath, because clutter under your bed can interfere with romance and sound sleep. If you must store things under your bed, make sure you only keep things like linens or seasonal clothes and not hard things like exercise equipment.<br /> <br /> So those are the basics of bed selection for feng shui. Thanks for watching!
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