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Video:Feng Shui Wealth Vase

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Learn how to create a feng shui wealth vase and a little bit about it's history.See Transcript

Transcript:Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Today we will learn how to create a very popular (and old!) traditional feng shui money cure called the wealth vase.  Originally an ancient cure brought to China from India many centuries ago; the making of the wealth vase is still a tradition today.

Gather Materials

To create a wealth vase you will need a vase with a stable bottom, a wide body and a narrow neck. You also want your vase to have a lid.

The design choice is totally up to you. You will also need:5 elements color string and 5 elements color fabric, Soil from a wealthy friend, 5 grains to represent the elements (or you can choose just one type of grain)  & a variety of wealth symbols traditional & contemporary

We chose a laughing Buddha, Jewelry, Chinese Coins, & the so called "fools gold" pyrite.

Fill Your Wealth vase

First thing you want to do is fill the vase with you intent, Spend a moment energizing your vase. Be clear as to why you are creating a wealth vase.

You are ready to fill it with your ingredients. First comes the soil – do it slowly and mindfully spend a moment being clear with your intent as now you just filled the foundation of your wealth vase.

Now pour in your five element grains. Fill the vase slowly and mindfully focusing on your intent.

It’s time to plant your wealth symbols. Put them one by one and energize them with your thoughts.

Elements Fabric

The last step in creating your wealth vase is covering it with the 5 elements fabric. We will start with blue for water and proceed in the order of the productive cycle of the 5 elements: Water (blue) feeds the Wood (green) which in turn feeds the Fire (red) which feeds and nourishes the Earth (golden brown); earth creates metal the element represents money so we chose to cover our vase in shiny silver fabric.

The very last step is to tie your vase with the 5 element string and your vase is ready!  Remember to place it out of sight in a respectful manner.

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