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Transcript:How to Have a Family Meeting

Hi I’m Rafael Benitez for About.com. In today’s busy world it can be quite distressing just dealing with the everyday details like getting kids ready for school or shuffling them to various activities. A great way to keep on schedule and keep the peace is to conduct weekly family meetings.

When to Have a Family Meeting

Here’s how to get started. First, set a date and time. Even if they’re very young, it’s good to get them started now. Start with short 15 minute meetings at first and slowly build up to 30 minutes weeks or even months down the road.

Discuss the best day and time with the family and choose a time when everyone’s available. Post it somewhere – perhaps on the refrigerator – where everyone can see it. And stick to it faithfully. It’s a great way to teach kids how to form healthy habits including time management skills. Determine an ideal location that’s comfortable and quiet with minimal distractions. Make sure TVs, radios and cell phones are turned off.

How to Run a Family Meeting

Now let’s talk about how to run the meeting. First, have a specific agenda. Post a sheet of paper on your refrigerator or family bulletin board so each member of the family can write down ideas on what to discuss at the weekly meeting.

Next, assign roles to each family member including the moderator. If the agenda points to an item that needs research – for instance suppose the family is considering getting a pet. Assign a family member to research the options then present the ideas to the meeting. Rotate the roles including the moderator. Kids love to have a chance to be in charge!

Make sure there are ground rules on how to run the meeting. Some examples include no shouting or interruptions. Setting rules ahead time will keep the meeting fair and on-time. When you’re ready to make a decision, depending on the issue, determine ahead of time whether the resolution will be made by consensus or by the parent.

Investing a half hour a week can make a world of difference for a stronger and happier home life. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.
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