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Video:What to Wear to a Job Interview

with Kim Johnson Gross

Looking to land a new job? Style expert Kim Johnson Gross helps you put your best foot forward with the perfect interview outfit.See Transcript

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Transcript:What to Wear to a Job Interview

Hi, I'm Kim Johnson Gross and I'd like to talk to all of you interviewing for a job in today's competitive market. The first impression you make is the most vital and it's made within seconds, so make those seconds count.

Research your Job

It's important to dress appropriately for a job interview and you can only do that by doing some homework. Call the HR person at the company you're interviewing with to get an idea of what the dress code at the company is.

Dressing Conservatively

It's always wise to dress more conservatively than not. Once you get the job you'll get a better sense of the corporate culture and then you can bring more personality into what you wear.
You can't go wrong wearing a classic suit in a neutral color such as grey or a dark navy blue.

Prepare What to Wear to an Interview

When preparing for a job interview prepare for the clothes you are going to wear.

A couple weeks in advance try on that suit make sure it fits perfectly. Make sure it's clean. Make sure you can sit down in it without it wrinkling, and make sure you can move in it comfortably.

Have all the appropriate accessories. Have a good briefcase, be organized, good shoes that are polished, a watch.
Everything should be together so you can be confident and comfortable on the interview.

Interview Appearance Tips

Good grooming is essential to making a good impression on an interview. Men and women should have their hair trimmed. Women should consider a manicure. Keep your makeup light but polished looking. Both Men and women should not overdo the fragrance. And women keep your jewelry to a minimum, especially stay away from Jangly or noisy Jewelry.

The one with the best communication skills gets the job and part of communicating is looking right for the job.
I'm Kim Johnson Gross About Style.

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