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Video:Tips for Wearing a Fitted Jacket

with Tina Gill

Want to learn some great tips for wearing a fitted jacket? Here, see helpful information before you commit to wearing a fitted jacket.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Wearing a Fitted Jacket

Hi! I'm Tina Gill with WorthWhile Style and today, I'm going to be teaching you how to wear different styles of fitted jackets; what the right fit is for you, how to deemphasize a chest, and how to dress them up and down.

Basic Tips for Wearing a Fitted Jacket

So the first I want to start with Katy and she is wearing this little satiny type of jacket, three-quarter length sleeve. It almost has a tuxedo feel to it with this banding down the front. And what we've done is paired it with a couple of different types of accessories. This is a great trick for any jacket that you're wearing even if it's for something for the evening or something for the day. It's popping a belt here at the waist because what that does is it draws this back and brings this out. So it makes your waist appear smaller than it actually is. We also paired it with a gold necklace and a lot of people think that you can't mix your metals, but you can.

More Basic Tips for Wearing a Fitted Jacket

They're complete neutrals. So go ahead and mix silver and copper and gold together, it'll be great on you. So this jacket is mainly for going out because it has a little bit of sheen and it has that tuxedo feel. This jacket, however, can be much more versatile. This you could wear during the day, you could wear it at night. So during the day, you could even pair a plain black T-shirt underneath this or a tank top with a pair of dress pants.

Additional Tips for Wearing a Fitted Jacket

For night, you could pop it with a pair of dress jeans and a funky little T-shirt underneath it, add a little bit of sparkle with a cool earring that catches light and you're good to go. Next jacket is a little bit casual as well. You can wear this day or evening. This is a military style jacket. What's great about this is that they really don't go out of style, it's a classic style. This is meant to be worn open, and it has this nice little detail here at the bottom, so if you're wearing a cool belt with your pants, it's sure going to show it off.

Wearing a Fitted Jacket

Now more to the business style of the jacket. This one has a fun little polka dot print to it, so it's a little bit different than a regular style of jacket. This is definitely meant to be worn during the office, during the day. The nice thing about this is that it has two buttons here. So if you have a larger chest, it is going to deemphasize that. Plus it has seaming down the front of the body here which is also going to hold that in.

And last but not least, another version of the office jacket, shorter cap sleeve so it's going to elongate your arm. Similar banding throughout the middle, so if you have an hourglass shape, this is going to be perfect for you. When buying your jacket, fit is the most important. Fit the largest part of your body and have it tailored down from there, so if you have a wider hip, go up a size in your jacket and have your shoulder taken in. It's easy and inexpensive and it'll fit like it was custom made for you.

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