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Video:Tips for Wearing a Classic Sheath Dress

with Shaneca Mason

A classic sheath dress is just that: a classic look. That doesn't mean it always automatically works, though. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your sheath dress.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Wearing a Classic Sheath Dress

Hi, I'm Shaneca Mason for About.com. In this video, you will receive five tips for wearing a classic sheath dress.

Spot a Sheath Dress

TIP #1: Know how to spot a sheath dress. A sheath dress or column dress, as it is also called, is a simple form fitting dress that starts at a high neckline and hems at the knee. Sheath dresses are classic and versatile – designed to be worn at a variety of events and in a variety of ways. In the first outfit, we have a fun, party look with: the sheath dress, a statement necklace, green tights, and wedge heels.

Tips for Beginning With a Sheath Dress

TIP #2: Treat your sheath as a base. A solid colored sheath dress is an excellent base for launching. Decide the direction your look will take by using style elements like: makeup, hair, jewelry, tights and shoes. In the second outfit, featuring a casual, clean look, we have: the sheath dress with a white collared shirt, a silver necklace, silver bangles, a red clutch, cotton tights, and silver sandals.

Dress Tips for Body Type

TIP #3: Know how to flatter your body type. The sheath dress is most flattering on an hourglass frame, while it also works for many figure types. If you want to draw attention away from the waist area, avoid clingy and lightweight fabrics. Straight figures will look good in a sheath with a fitted bodice. And petite frames will find that the sheath dress has an elongating effect. In the last outfit, featuring a sophisticated look, we have the sheath dress, a long cardigan, a brooch, a bronze belt, and plaid heels.

Sheath Dresses Are Versatile

TIP #4: Embrace versatility. The sheath dress is your fashion canvas. Enjoy dressing it up or down. Wear it to a wedding one week and to the grocery store the next. Avoid taking your sheath dress too seriously.

Tips for Accessorizing a Sheath Dress

TIP #5: Prioritize the accessories. Since the sheath dress is classically simple, make accessories a priority. The sheath dress invites grandiose jewelry, bold shoes, belts, purses, and scarves. Accessorize so that all the elements work well stylistically with one another.

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