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Video:Tips for Wearing Thick Headbands

with Kate Gervais

Headbands can be used to add an extra pop to your outfit and even save a bad hair day. Watch this style video from for tips on wearing thick headbands in chic, elegant, and casual ways.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Wearing Thick Headbands

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm here for with a few tips on how to wear thick headbands

Choose a Comfortable Headband

The most important thing to consider when choosing a headband is one that you feel you are going to be comfortable with. You want to choose one that's comfortable so you'll actually end up wearing it.

This is going to be the standard headband. This is the one that's most popular and most common. It has an actual band generally a little bit thinner on the inside, about an inch, and the fabric on a thick headband is usually going to be two to three inches.

"Bandana style" headbands are extremely comfortable. They go all the way around and generally have a little bit of stretch, so any size head… it works. Any occasion too.

Use Headbands to Accessorize the Style

Another thing to consider when you're wearing a thick headband is your style. How are you going to dress it up, dress it down, or are you going to at all? So, a different way you can do that is with your makeup. For example, for me, I really love this red colored headband with the polka dots. It always reminds me of a "Rosie the Riveter" look or even a pinup style. So to sort of compliment that, I went with the red lipstick and it makes the whole color pop.

Once you've chosen your style, the look that you want to go for, you can emphasize by dressing it up with another accessory. Specifically here, what I want to focus on is that femininity that the pinup girls bring out. So, choosing a flower with a similar color, the polka dots in the headband, just add it and it gives it a little pop and it gives it a little more "girly"  to that look.

Headbands Can Save a Bad Hair Day

The best thing about thick headbands is how quickly they can transform a bad hair day into a chic updo. To cover up dark roots or a messy mane, gather your hair in a loose bun or a casual pony tail.

By adding a headband, you can accent your outfit and bring attention to your face, while covering up those bad hair day qualities.

A thick headband style popularized by celebrities is sporting the headband across the forehead. Choose a "bandana style" stretch headband with sparkle, texture, or color and allow the thickest part of your headband to lie across your forehead.

Again, this look will bring attention to your face and add style to your outfit. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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