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Video:Tips for Being Fashionable Over 50

with Mary

When it comes to fashion for the over 50's, there are a few things to remember in order to make sure you look your best. Check out these fashion tips for the over 50's that will keep your stylish without looking matronly.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Being Fashionable Over 50

Hello, I'm Mary and for, I'd like to show you that we're fashionable even though we're over 50. The challenge is finding wearable clothes that fit your lifestyle, budget and figure. Keeping up with the trends can be difficult because fashion magazines tend to ignore women over a certain age. Choose solid colors and bold styles. Choose classic shapes and clothes that drape, not cling.

Hide Areas that Show Your Age with Fashion Accessories

Let's start with the neckline. The neckline is an area that can really show a woman's age, so some tricks can be used to lessen the impact, while still looking fashionable. Turning the collar up and down can frame the face and hide unwanted signs of aging. You can also use scarves for the same effect, whether it's for the day wear or evening wear. Don't forget, jewellery will also help!

Moving on to another area, the top of the arms, us ladies know them as 'bingo wings'. These can be hidden by loose jumpers or a shrug. To deflect attention away from this area, why not wear bold bracelets?

Wear Age Appropriate Fashions But Avoid Looking Matronly

Hemlines; not too short ladies! Just above the knee is about right, or for a twist, why not try a handkerchief style, for something a bit more adventurous?Some hemlines look good with boots. Boots with heels look good, as long as the heels are not too high. For a different look, try strappy sandals. Skater boots are quite fashionable too.

Compliment your outfit with a handbag. This can be a classic clutch, a chunky day style or something a bit more casual.Remember, it's important to feel comfortable in your clothes. This is my favorite outfit. Think young ladies! For more ideas, visit
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