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Video:How to Wear Vests

with Tina Gill

Want to learn some great tips for wearing vests? This video will show you helpful tips before you add a vest to your outfit.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wear Vests

Hi! I am Tina Gill with Worthwhile Style and today I am going to be teaching you how to incorporate vest into your wardrobe, what different body types they work with, how to accessorize with them and what to avoid.

Basics for Wearing Vests

So first, I want to talk about with what Katy is wearing here. Vest comes in so many different shapes and sizes and fabrics. The reason I really like this one is that it has texture and pattern. A lot of the vests that you find out there are very plain, which is a good thing because they go over a lot of different things. But a lot of people have very plain clothes in their wardrobes, very solid colors, so this is a great way to add a little bit of texture and detail and interest to it.

Tips for Wearing Vests

So today, we have it paired with just a plain white T-shirt and some little black shorts. This would also be good in the fall and winter with a long sleeve T-shirt, skinny jeans and some riding boots. Super fun look!

More Tips for Wearing Vests

Another option that's a little bit more casual like that is just a neutral tone like this gray one. This is going to be fabulous to wear over summer dresses, over tank tops, going into spring, going into fall because it adds just a little extra layer of texture and detail. Here is a great example of if you already have a tank top and you want to add just another little layer without adding any extra warmth, this is the perfect way to wear this in the summer time.

Additional Tips for Wearing Vests

This is one of my favorite little vests here. This has a lot of sparkle and a lot of detail. So this is great for dressing up and going out in. So you could pop it over like what Katy is wearing right now with a white T-shirt, shorts, with little dark skinny jeans, it's going to add just that enough of sparkle to add a little evening element. Another thing that I like to do with something like this is to pop it over the little black dress. Every woman has a little black dress in their wardrobe and this is a way to add your own touch of personality and sparkle to it, great for any evening occasion.

What to Consider Before Wearing Vests

We also have your traditional style of vest which is much more work-appropriate. These vests are definitely men's wear inspired. So for women wearing them, what I would recommend is to wear something a little bit flowy, a little bit more feminine under them, a softer texture, a softer pattern. So try to avoid wearing a white button-down shirt with this because you may look a little bit masculine or like a waiter. So as you can see today, there's a lots of great options out there for vests. They work great on any body type, they hold you in right here and they add just that extra layer of texture to make you look put together without acting like you tried too hard.

Thanks for watching!

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