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Video:How to Minimize a Large Bust

with Cibeline Sariano

Do you wish you could make your bust look smaller? A clothing designer shows you the insider tricks for using clothes to minimize your bust line.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Minimize a Large Bust

Hello I am Cibeline Sariano from my boutique, Cibeline, in Davis Square, Somerville MA, for And today we are going to give you tips on how to deemphasize a larger bust.

Choose the Right Neckline

When trying to minimize your bust line choose a rounded square neckline. The more collarbone and skin you feel comfortable exposing, the more flattering this neckline will be for a larger-busted woman.

Look for Slimming Lines

More fabric will only create more bulk in an area you are trying to deemphasize. A short dress with linear lines and a shirt plaque draw your eyes downward and away from your bust.

Princess seems that curve properly to your chest create a better fit and in return, create a more flattering shape for a large bust. When shopping for corduroy or stripes, always make sure they are vertical. Horizontal is never flattering.

Elongate Your Silhouette

The ¾ length duster jacket creates a longer silhouette and makes you appear taller. Elongating your figure will ultimately deemphasize a busty woman.

Having a garment which has an all-over pattern draws the attention to your entire silhouette, rather than just your bust line.

A slight cowl will hide and deemphasize the width of your bust line creating a feminine and pretty neckline. Make sure when wearing a cowl neckline that it hugs your curves. Boxy will never flatter a full-chested woman.

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