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Video:How to Incorporate Sheer Fabrics Into Your Wardrobe

with Tina Gill

Want to learn how to incorporate sheer fabrics into your wardrobe? Here, see tips and tricks for incorporating sheer fabrics into your style.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Incorporate Sheer Fabrics Into Your Wardrobe

Hi! I'm Tina Gill with WorthWhile Style and today I'm going to show you how to incorporate sheer fabrics in your wardrobe; what to wear under them, what to wear over them, how to accessorize with them, and when they are appropriate.

Tips for Incorporating Sheer Fabrics Into Your Wardrobe

So first, I'm going to talk about what Katy's wearing today. We have this cute little sheer kind of capelet little jacket. It's great with what she is wearing which is a plain tank and some jeans and we popped this great turquoise necklace with it. As you can see, there's no turquoise in this jacket. Your accessories don't have to match, they just have to go. So this adds a great summer look.

More Tips for Incorporating Sheer Fabrics Into Your Wardrobe

Another option to go underneath this would be to add a little white button-down shirt. This is going to make it much more appropriate for the office. And one little tip I have for you for a white blouse like this, you're going to want to add a nude-colored bra underneath or any bra that matches your skin tone. If you add white, all you will see is bra. If you add nude, it will completely disappear underneath.

Other Tips for Incorporating Sheer Fabrics Into Your Wardrobe

So another great sheer fabric, especially something like this, this is perfect for going out, this is not office-appropriate, it's a little too sexy. This for different body types, this is going to be great for someone who is taller, longer, and leaner. This is a perfect top for Katy. You can see it's very sheer, you can pop any color of tank top underneath there. And if you're young and fun and want to have a little bit of sex appeal, you can add just a black bra under this. But this is definitely made for going out at night. And if you're shorter like I am, this is going to add way too much bulk to the upper part of my body.

Things to Remember When Wearing a Sheer Fabric

So remember, if you're longer and leaner, this big flowy fabric is much better for you. For any body type, I would recommend a shirt like this that's sheer with lace. You can wear a black tank top under this. You could sport a jacket with this; it would be great for work. To change it to going out at night, ditch your jacket, add a fun little pair of red high heels, grab a clutch, and you're good to go. This is great for all different body types because it has seaming down the front and on the sides, so it's going to hold your shape in quite nicely.

Other Ideas for Wearing Sheer Fabrics

This is another fun little number, sheer cap sleeve, works great for any body type as well. This would be perfect here cinched at the waist; a red belt, a black belt, a gold belt. It has a little detail up here, so I would add an earring with this. And last but not least, we have this great sheer dress. This can be worn to the office with something solid underneath it, or you could pair it with a great slip that has a little bit lace detail at the top. It'll peek out here as a great little bit of sex appeal. So add a touch of sheer to your fabrics, to your wardrobe, and remember, you can wear some during the day and some at night.

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