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Video:How to Hide a Belly

with Cibeline Sariano

We all want to look our best at special events. But you can't enjoy yourself if you are sucking in a belly. Here are a few tips that will help you hide a belly while still remaining relaxed.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hide a Belly

Hello, I am Cibeline Sariano from my boutique, Cibeline, in Davis Square, Somerville, MA for About.com. Today, we are going to show you how to hide a belly.

Ladies how many times have you found that you are at a wedding or a special event where you find that you are sucking in your belly all day long when you just want to be relaxed or be natural?

Find a Waist Wrap

What we try to do in these instances when you want to hide your belly, we want to find some sort of dress that has a wrap or waist tie. Ideally, if it could wrap around your waste twice that would be great, if not just find one that wraps around your waste once.

Tie the Waist Wrap

Let me give you a little explanation on how to tie it yourself. We find a dress that has a nice long tie, and we are going to wrap this in the front first and wrap it around again.

You can wrap this either way, so that the tie comes in the back but leaving the knot in front gives you just a bit more coverage. If you like a bow you can do a bow. But what we want to create is a nice gathering effect and a nice pleating detail that creates a nice structure around your waist. Hiding any sort of imperfections we feel we have at our belly.

Wear a Patterned Dress

A pattern at the waist is also a great way to hide your belly. It draws the eye to your waistline but, believe it or not, it actually detracts from any sort of imperfections. Pattern at the waist, solid dress, even if it is a black dress with a scarf tied around your waist is a great way to hide the belly.

It doesn't have to be a belt or a scarf at your waist. If you can find any sort of top that has pleating, it will create a gathering at your waist which will deemphasize anything that you don't feel happy about and hide your belly.

Control-Top Pantyhose

Ladies, there is a little secret in Hollywood and everyone is wearing them! It is basically control top pantyhose without the legs. These will smooth out all the bumps, take about an inch of your waist and are ultra-comfortable.

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