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Video:Bra Fitting: Find the Perfect Bra Size

with Linda Becker

Most women walk around wearing the wrong bra size, but you don't need to go to a fitting to find out the right size for you. See how to measure your waist and bust for the perfect bra.See Transcript

Transcript:Bra Fitting: Find the Perfect Bra Size

Hi, I'm Linda Becker, the bra lady, from Linda's Bra Salon in New York City. Here for I am going to give some general bra fitting advice so your bras will fit better.

Determine Bra Size With a Tape Measure

Ladies when you go to get fitted for a bra you always want to make sure that the bra fitter is using a tape measure. Now, when I measure Therese she measures a 33. Now I am going to add 3 inches to that. So that means Therese is a 36. Now Therese is a 36 and here she measures a 38. So you add 2 numbers to that so that's an A for 37 and a B for 38, so Therese is a 36 B.

Correct Bra Size Fit

The wire comes right to the edge of her breast and goes all the way around and lifts up her breast. It doesn't run short it's the perfect, perfect size for Therese to wear. She turns sideways everything is smooth. It gives her a nice lift – it's great if she's wearing something low. It fits her very well in the back. It's not too tight and it's not too loose. Her straps are adjusted, so they don't dig into her shoulder and they also don't fall off her shoulder.

Fitting Strapless Bras

I know a lot of women have problems with strapless bras. They put them on and by the end of the night they're around their waists. The reason for that is strapless bras have to be a little tighter than the average bra because there's no straps. So the only thing that's keeping the bra up is the back. So, you want to make sure that the back is very snug. Uh, this strapless bra on therese, fits her absolutely perfect. Her entire breast is inside the wire. You see how the wire goes completely around her breast. She's not coming out the top, she's not falling out the bottom. And it's half way between her shoulder and her elbow. See, nice and high. You never want to be low in any bra, especially not a strapless.

How to Tell If a Bra Doesn't Fit

Now Theresa's wearing a bra that looks like it fits but in actuality it does not fit. The cup fits her, turn around now, but the back is gigantic. When it's so big eventually this bra will start moving up and she'll be falling out the bottom. The back will be riding up her back. The straps will be falling off her shoulder and that's a very common problem. Most women come in with bras that are much too big in the back. But the cup is right but the back is much too big.

You know if you can stick your fingers right underneath the wire like this, you know that your band size is too big. So, what you want to do is to go down in the back, in the band size, so Therese has a 38A on, she wants to go down to a 36 but she wants to bring the cup up. So, the cup goes up to a B because a 36 B cup is the same size cup as a 38 A. So Therese needs to be in a 36 B, as we said in the beginning.

Proper Bra Care

It's important that we care for your bras properly if you don't you wind up with lumpy breasts, especially with a bra that's lined or molded. If you turn the cup in, like this, like a lot of women do with their bras, it winds up bending the cup up and looks terrible when you wear it, you have lumpy breasts, which is never a good look.

Proper Bra Storage

You always want to make sure that you stack your bras in your drawer just like this. The same way that it would be on your body. And when you wash it, you want to wash it by hand, put a kittle lingerie wash n the sink. You want to let it soak for a few hours. And then you want to rinse it off, pat it dry, reshape it, and hang it up.

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