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Video:How to Add Western Style to Your Wardrobe

with Cynthia Nellis

Love the western cowgirl look, but don't want to come off looking like Annie Oakley? See how to infuse bits and pieces of the western style into your wardrobe without overdoing it.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Add Western Style to Your Wardrobe

I'm Cynthia Nellis, About.com's Guide to Women's Fashion. I'm here at Shepler's in Frisco, Texas to give you some ideas about putting your personal style stamp on your wardrobe.

Define Your Cowgirl Persona

One way to inject your personal style into your look is to take your hobby, passion or lifestyle and incorporate it into your wardrobe. For example, my passions are horses and the Western lifestyle, so it's a natural that I try to use that for my own unique look.

Basics of the Western Look

Here's how I add a bit of Western into my wardrobe. Basically, the cowgirl look is all about three things: Bling, Jeans and Boots.

Western Style: Bling

First, the bling. Western staples include turquoise, which can either be real or faux, in great chunky necklaces, cuff bracelets or earrings.

Silver is also a Western must have, and it's used in everything from jewelry to belt buckles. I love simple silver earrings, big silver belt buckles and engraved silver bracelets. The chunkier the better. Silver crosses are also very popular in Western culture.

Finally, there's the sparkle bling. My favorite place for rhinestones and crystals is on a belt, where you'll find elaborate hair-on-hide styles.But you can also add sparkle with rhinestone or crystal-encrusted tees or flashy jewelry. Cowgirls love sparkle.

Western Style: Jeans and Denim

Next you have jeans. And although it's the building block for all Western looks, you don't necessarily need to have a Western jean. In fact, I tend to like contemporary cuts and finishes. A bit lower rise, cool finishes like whiskering or overdyes. If I want to tuck my boots into jeans, I'll choose skinny jeans. But my usual day-to-day jean is a boot-cut jean, nice and long, to wear over my boots. If you are active or ride horse like I do, there are even special jeans called riding jeans that give you full flex at the knee and no gap waistband.

Western Style: Boots

Finally, there are the boots, which these days have become a major fashion statement with embossing., crystals, embroidery and other embellishments. Although boots can be utilitarian-and trust me, I have a pair of resoled, scuffed up riding boots that are super worn-in- Cowgirls love to dress up and it's perfectly acceptable in the Western lifestyle to wear boots with a dress or a skirt.

How to Wear the Western Look

So how can you take some of these elements and work them into your wardrobe so that you have a touch of Western without looking like Annie Oakley?

Well, here's a casual idea to wear boots. Choose skinny jeans or leggings, a simple tunic top and tuck your bottoms into a fabulous pair of statement cowboy boots. Another idea to bring Western to your office look: add strands of turquoise to a simple black top.

A third idea would be to add a blinged-out belt to a simple black dress for a great girls' night out look. And if you're really feeling the spirit of the west calling you, there's no better way to top off your look than be adding a perfect cowboy hat!

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