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Video:Computer Ergonomics for Children

with Kathy Moore

As more children use computers for extended periods, it is important to help them achieve proper ergonomic posture to prevent injury. Learn some easy ways to help your child achieve A+ computer ergonomics.See Transcript

Transcript:Computer Ergonomics for Children

Hi! I'm Kathy Moore for When I was a kid, my mom often reminded me to sit up straight and have good posture. Nowadays we call it ergonomics and as parents we need to pay attention to our kids' posture when they are at the computer. This program will discuss the basics of computer ergonomics for children.

What Is Ergonomics?

Technically speaking, ergonomics is the study of the relationship between workers and their environment. As more and more children use computers, for extended periods, it is important to help them achieve proper posture to prevent injury.

Seat the Child in an Ergonomic Chair

Good ergonomics starts with the chair. Kids need a chair that will get them to the proper height for working at the computer. Ideally, the chair will support their upper and lower back and allow their feet to be firmly planted.

We use an adjustable chair, which provides support for all the crucial areas. If you do no have one of these, you can add a pillow to an adult chair to provide more support for the child's back and use a box or stool for a foot rest.

Ergonomics and Computer Monitor Height

Pay attention to the height of the computer monitor. The monitor should be positioned so that your child's eyes are about 2 feet from the monitor surface and equal to the top of the monitor.

Children and Keyboard Ergonomics

When it comes to using the keyboard, kids arms and hands should be in a neutral position. This means that their elbows should be relaxed at their side and not out stretched.

If your children use a mouse, encourage them to hold it close so they can keep their arm relaxed and their wrist straight. And remind them to avoid holding the mouse tightly.

Encourage Children to Take Breaks

Overuse is perhaps the biggest cause of computer related injuries so be sure your children take frequent breaks from their time at the computer. Encourage them to get up and stretch or do a few jumping jacks at 30 minute intervals.

It is also important to set a good example for your kids when you are at the computer. Remember what mom said and follow the rules of good posture and try to take a break every now and then too. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the Web at
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