Yoga for Teens - Building Self Esteem With Tween and Teen Yoga Video
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Video:Yoga for Tweens and Teens: Building Self Esteem

with Shari Vilchez-Blatt

Want to help arm your teen or tween with self esteem boosting activities to help alleviate difficult times during those awkward years? See some easy yoga poses that help build strength, focus, and confidence.See Transcript

Transcript:Yoga for Tweens and Teens: Building Self Esteem

Hi, I'm Shari Vilchez Blatt with Karma Kids Yoga in New York City for And I’m going to show you the benefits of yoga for tweens and teens.

We’re going to work on same great yoga poses today to help teens and tweens with self confidence and self esteem.

Crow Pose for Self Esteem

So, we’re going to go onto our tippy toes and into a frog squat, nice and low. And we’re going to imagine that there’s glue on the backs of our arms and right here on our shins and we’re going to glue them together. Plant your hands on the floor, slowly start to lean forward and when you’re ready squeeze your belly. Stare at a spot on the floor, to help you focus. Beautiful. Excellent.

When you’re ready come out. Shake out your hands take a rested mouse pose, this is such a great pose for building confidence. It’s one of those poses that takes a lot of strength. It’s very challenging so when these guys are able to do it. It juts makes them feel so good about themselves.

Firefly Pose for Self Esteem

Come back into that frog squat. But this time you’re going to bring your arms all the way underneath, fingers facing forward, slowly start to come back onto your arms. Your arms become tables. Walk your feet in and your choice, you can cross your feet like spider. Or, if you want, action feet, reach out your legs to come into a firefly, but up to you. But keep trying, let’s see. Nice, good job. And when you’re ready. Come down. Shake out your hands and take a rest in child’s pose.

Warrior Poses for Self Esteem

And let’s come all the way up to stand. And, take a step back with your left foot. Bend your front knee, reach your arms all the way up to the sky. Warrior one, say I am strong. I am strong. Beautiful. Open your arms out to a T energy coming out of your fingertips, say I am bold. I am bold. Good. Turn your back heal up push off that front leg. And now we’re going to balance. Say, my own power I can hold. MY own power I can hold. That’s it. Hold it. Hold it. Good job. What we do on one side you have to do on the other.

Self Esteem Through Yoga for Teens and Tweens

All of these poses are great for building confidence in teens and tweens, when they work on a pose for a while, us some of the trickier ones, some of the arm balances, it takes some effort and it takes some practice and when you finally get it, the feeling is magical. They’re very empowering they have strong affirmations and they take a lot of strength, so when they accomplish these tasks they feel so good about themselves.

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