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Video:Calming Yoga for Teens and Tweens

with Shari Vilchez Blatt

Teenage years can be full of turmoil, and these calming yoga poses can help alleviate some of those feelings. Learn how to help teens and tweens relax and center themselves through yoga.See Transcript

Transcript:Calming Yoga for Teens and Tweens

Hi! I'm Shari Vilchez Blatt with Karma Kids Yoga in New York City for, and I'm going to show you the benefit of yoga for kids for tweens and teens.

Teen and Tween Yoga for Calmness

We're going to do some great exercises to help instill calmness in tweens and teens. And this is great to be used at any time when they might be feeling some anxiety, when they're feeling a little nervous or stressed out. Or just sometimes to maybe help them fall asleep and relax.

Ohm and Calmness

So one of the ways I really like to start all of my yoga classes is by tuning in and singing ohm. So we're going to sit up nice and tall as if there is a string going from the top of our head all the way to the ceiling. Relax you hands any way you like on your knees. Take a really big deep breath into your belly.

Ohm is all the sounds in the universe mixed up and squished together. When combining all these sounds as you heard the vibrations of all of us singing really helps to calm your nerves it helps to center your mind. It helps to get us ready to begin our class.

Yoga Poses for Calmness

We're going to do a partner pose, which is great for calming. OK so one of you is going to come into child's pose, just like this and then the other is going to lie on their back. So, we're doing sun bathing rock. One of you come into child's pose and really reach your legs out open up your chest, this is so wonderful for the person on the bottom as well as for the person on top. So now really reach your legs out.

So the person on the bottom is getting a very compressed and comforting yoga exercise in child's pose, um doing child's pose on your own is relaxing and calming as it is. But to have a little weight on it, compresses you and just feels great. For those on top you're getting such a wonderful beautiful chest opener and feeling the breath of the person underneath. So to come out the person on the bottom is going to slowly start to sit up helping you to come back to your feet. And then you can switch.

Teen Breathing Exercises for Calmness

So, we're going to now do a breathing exercise that I call count five. Now five is just a number, it could be 3 it could be 7, the goal is always to increase the number. So, this is a wonderful exercise. It works so well, whenever kids are feeling nervous, whenever they're feeling some anxiety - whether it's before a test. So you're going to sit up nice and tall.

You can close your eyes. Now again, five is just a number. You got to figure out what number works best for you. You're going to breathe in for 5 and out for 5. And because we all breathe at different speeds you can keep going at your own pace, whatever your number is. The goal is to increase the number. Take some slow deep breaths, increasing the number if you can. That would be deepening your breath.

Teens on Yoga

"I'm in a class with all of my friends so it's a really fun social thing that we can do as well as it's a really calming thing and it gets me focused. It helps when I have homework, I get a lot of homework and I get really, really stressed and I breathe in and breathe out and it helps me and I organize what I need to do first."

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