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Video:Bicycle Hand Signals

with Bonnie Zaiss

Bicycle hand signals are a great way to communicate with riders behind you. Learn common bicycle hand signals to stay safe while you're riding bikes.See Transcript

Transcript:Bicycle Hand Signals

Hi I’m Bonnie Zaiss for Bike riding is a great way to get exercise and enjoy time with the family but accidents do happen. Having the right equipment, being aware of what’s around you and clear communication are crucial for a safe riding experience.

Ride Right for Safety

For safe bike riding it’s important ride in single file and to communicate with the riders behind you by using hand signals. Always stop and check for cars wherever you’re riding. Even in the safety of you neighborhood watch for cars parked along the street, pulling out of alleys and driveways. Hand signals can help alert and keep safe all the bike riders in your group.

Obey Regular Traffic Laws

Always share the same rules as cars riding in the same direction on the far right side of the road never against traffic. Be sure to stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights just as cars do. Yield to pedestrians, stop at red lights, and be especially careful at intersections.

Bicycle Hand Signals

Here’s how to do the hand signals: When approaching a stop sign or traffic light, alert the riders behind to slow down and come to a stop by using the “Stop hand signal.” Take your left arm and bend your elbow, pointing your arm downward in an upside down "L" shape and come to a stop. Always look both ways before moving forward.

Making a Right Turn

To make a right turn there are two hand signal options. After checking behind you, bend your elbow, holding your left arm up in an "L" shape, look both ways then ride forward slowly. The 2nd option to a right turn is to first do the stop signal then hold your right arm straight out from your side, then move ahead slowly.

Making a Left Turn

For a left turn signal to stop first then hold your left arm straight out to the left, look both ways then ride forward slowly. If your child is comfortable and balanced on their bike, start teaching your child hand signal basics. It’ll build their confidence and keep them safe.
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