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Video:5 Karate Exercises Kids Can Do at Home

with Igor Dyachenko

If you're having trouble getting your sluggish kid away from video games, try making exercise time a bit more adventurous by mixing in martial arts moves. Try these five simple karate exercises, and you'll have a karate kid in no time.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Karate Exercises Kids Can Do at Home

Hi, my name is Igor Dyachenko and I'm the world champion and the chief instructor at D-Dojo, the school of modern Japanese karate in New York City for about.com. Today I'm going to show you five easy karate exercises that your kids can do at home.

Karate Cartwheel Exercise

Ok, guy so what we're going to do, we're going to learn a cartwheel exercise and you can perform at home if you have enough space. So, and it's a very beneficial exercise. We're going to place our legs apart. Hands like this, up high. We're going to look over our right shoulder, and start rocking like this, like a cartwheel when the wind blows.

Then we're going to get a little bit more speed, bring the opposite leg up and then one hand is going to go on the same line and then we're pretty much going to stand on our arms. Ok, and then automatically we're going to get both legs on the ground. So, watch how we do it.

Karate Somersault Exercise

We start in a squat position like this. Hands we place in front. It's very important to keep your head tucked in, hands here. Once we roll forward, we have to make sure that the legs are straight. Once the legs are straight we're going to pull our shins.

Karate Kicking Exercises

Next exercise we're going to do it's kicking in place, so it's real beneficial because you have to keep your balance on one leg. So, we're going to bring one leg up, toes pointing upward, heal is touching your rear-end. Hands apart, and then once we do that, we're going to kick to the face. Bring the heal back and step down.

Swinging Karate Exercise

Ok guys, next exercise we're going to learn is swinging in place to the side. And let me show you how we do it. We place legs into a cross legged position. Make sure our knees are touching together and you bend your knees. Hands should be in fists position. Thumb is covering first two fingers, hands apart, then you going to step flat with your front leg. Bring the leg forward make sure the knees straight and then by using your side muscles you swing the leg to the side like this. And bring the leg back.

Karate Punching Exercise

Nest exercise is punching in place and it's very interesting technique because you have to use both arms simultaneously. So, let's put one hand out, make sure the hand is placed right in the middle of the central line. Thumb is bent. Hand on the side, palm is facing upwards. Ok, and then we switch hands. Simultaneously and punch right at the central line at the shoulder level.

As you see these five easy exercises that the kids can do at home are very easy to perform and very beneficial, both mentally and physically.

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