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Video:3 Great Exercises for Kids

with Nadia Chapman

Exercising is important for your kids' development. Get moving with this About.com video showing you simple and fun family activities and organized sports.See Transcript

Transcript:3 Great Exercises for Kids

Hi, I'm Nadia Chapman, contributor for About.com. Exercising is vital for your kids. It benefits both their body and mind. Here are 3 easy exercises for kids!

When kids are exercising they build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and much more! We can find ways to get moving with simple family activities or organized sports. No matter how you choose to get your kids moving always make sure they are wearing proper clothing or equipment, stay hydrated with easy access to water, and respect their limits and abilities.

Kids' Exercise: Walking or Playing at the Park

Walking and playing at the park is the easiest and cheapest way to exercise! Walk downtown, to the park, in the forest, in an orchard, the possibilities and endless! If they have a mission such as picking shells on the beach, apple at the orchard, or pine cones in the forest they will walk even further! Make sure they are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Parks are also a great way to get young kids moving! Next thing you know, you've been there for over an hour and everyone as been running around like crazy! When it's miserable outside, hit an indoor play area or a kids' gym, it's amazing the amount of energy they can spend playing around!

Kids' Exercise: Swimming and Skating

In our family, summer time rhymes with swimming, and winter rhymes with skating! These two activities are great for small kids and loaded with fun games and tricks to practice! Cool off together in a pool, a lake or the ocean. Make sure your kids are supervised at all times, and don't forget their swim-aids if needed.

For those cold winter days, hit your local ice rink during an open session! Kids enjoy gliding and get very excited once they go faster and faster. Its a rewarding sport that everyone in the family can do! Make sure your kids wear a helmet, mittens and warm clothes.

Kids' Exercise: Biking

Finally, go on a bike ride! Set a fun goal for smaller kids, such as riding to a friend's house, or to the local smoothie shop! Make it fun, safe, and easy for them by using safe roads, bike paths, helmets, and avoiding hills, and hot temperature!

Remember to always make it fun! If they are scared or simply don't like a certain activity, they won't participate much!

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