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Video:How to Do Vampire Face Painting

with RoByn Thompson

Take a spooky vampire Halloween costume to the next level with colorful face paint. You can customize the steps and make your little vampire unique using these tips!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do Vampire Face Painting

Hi, I am RoByn Thompson. I am a face painter for for Okay, Elizabelle is going to be a vampire. She is going to be very creepy. Sometimes it is fun to be something a little bit scary.

Vampire Face Painting Supplies

So to turn her into a vampire we are going to be using water-based theatrical makeup. It is hypoallergenic and FDA-compliant. And it is nice because it goes on with water and equally important, you can take it off with water, and a little bit of soap sometimes.

Start the Vampire Face

I am going to begin by painting her face gray -- kind of like a cross shaped design. And then I am going to take a green -- she is kind of a grayish green color now. I am going to put some red under her eyes, just to make her look extra creepy. Then I will take my green and just blend that in a little -- just to give her reddish bags under her eyes.

Paint the Vampire Eyes

Now I am going to take some purple and we are going to give her wild purple eye shadow. I am going to do that up at an angle, kind of make them triangles. Now I am going to take my black brush and take a sponge, and draw a line on the side of her nose up by her eye shadow. Then I will take my sponge and just drag that in, kind of drag-blend that. And I will do the same thing on the other side.

Create the Vampire Lips

Now I am going to take a brush with some red and give her some vampire lips. They come to a point on the top. I am also going to outline them in black a little, just to make them extra creepy.

Vampire Face Painting Finishing Touches

Then I am going to take a brush with some white on it, and come out of the corner of her eye and do some white lines that are radiating from the corner of her eye -- and put some arcs between them to make a spider web. And on the other eye, I am going to come out of the corner of the eye again, but this time I am going to go straight down. And I am going to put a big fat spider hanging from there. I will make a circle, with a smaller circle, and then it just needs some legs. Spiders have eight legs and they are kind of in pairs.

Add Vampire Fangs

Now to finish off our vampire we need to put some fangs. And sometimes I like to paint, on one of the fangs, a nice fat drop of blood hanging on, with a little white highlight. And lets make some eyes for the spider.

And we are done! Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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