Tips for Making Birthday Card Invites in Microsoft Word Video
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Video:Tips for Making Birthday Card Invites in Microsoft Word

with Adam Evans

Making a birthday invite in Microsoft Word is so easy when you use the graphics editor. Learn how to use Microsoft Word's template for birthday invites or customize one yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Making Birthday Card Invites in Microsoft Word

Hi, my name is Adam Evans and in this video we’re going to make a Birthday card using Microsoft Word 2010.

Use a Template for a Birthday Card Invite

First I want to show you that you don’t have to create this from scratch. Instead you can use a template. Go to File > New. Notice that there is an area for templates. Here you can either go through the categories or you can just type birthday card in the search bar. If I double-click on the card it open and I’m good to go. I can now freely change anything I want to make this card my own.

But what if you want to create your own card from scratch? Let’s do that now by going to file > new > blank document

Format the Layout in Microsoft

The first thing that we’re going to want to do is decide on a size. Now the options here are endless. To change the size, go to PAGE LAYOUT. Here you can make your card whatever size you want. If you have a specific paper that you want to use, you should be able to find it here. Just in case you want to go with a unique size, I’ll do the same and change the page size to eight inches wide by eight inches tall.

With PAGE LAYOUT selected, go to Size and navigate down to “More Paper Sizes.” We’re just going to type in 8 in the width and 8 in the Height and click OK. By default, there are margins that will prevent you from placing images in areas that wont print, but for this card, I want to get rid of them. Go to Margins, and then down to custom margins. Type 0 in Top, Left, Bottom and Right.

Insert Art for the Birthday Card Invite

Now lets get a background in here. Go to Insert, and then Clip Art. If I type in star, Ill find the clip art that I’m looking for. You may not have this one on your computer. If so, just find a background that you like.  It shouldn’t have anything that screams for attention on it though. Double click it and it will appear on your page. When doing any image layout, you will almost always need click WRAP TEXT, and then choose the “through” option. If you don’t do this, you will have images jump all over the place when other objects are placed. My image fits perfectly, but you may have to adjust the size of yours to fill the screen. To do this, go to one of the corners of the image and click and drag until your image covers the entire background.

To make changes to the image, click it and go up to color.  I’m going to go with blue for mine. You can also make corrections or add an artistic effect. 

Add Text to the Invitation

Now put in some text. Go to INSERT and then click the WORD ART button. After you choose a style a box with text will appear. Click in the box and select the text to edit the words. Then you can select the text and right click to edit font, color size and more. Just as with the images, it is best to set wrapping to through so you can freely alter the position without bothering other elements on the page.

For a lot of text, you want to text boxes. GO to INSERT and then click TEXT BOX. Since I’ll be editing this, I’m going to select the first basic text box. After you’ve entered your text, you can select it and right click to change it to your liking. You can also go up to shape Fill under the format tab, to change the color of the box.

I’m going to add another image by going to INSERT and then PICTURE. This allows me to use a picture that I have on my computer. I’ll double-click the image I want and there it is. Again I’ll set the wrapping to through and place the image where I like it.

The card is now ready to go.  Printing from word may work for your computer, but if you have any problems at all, click SAVE AS under the FILE tab and change the type to pdf. Then open the PDF using adobe reader and your print should look great.

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