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Video:How to Preserve Leaves

with Yolanda Vanveen

You can extend your enjoyment of autumn by preserving leaves from you favorite trees. It's a fun and simple crafts project that your kids will love to do. See how to preserve leaves using just a few household items.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Preserve Leaves

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden. In this segment we are going to learn all about preserving leaves. Now when the leaves fall it is nice to save them and there are few tips I can gave you on how they can last longer and how you can even enjoy them more.

Keep Leaves Wet Before Drying

Now if you leave your leaves dry they start to curl, but l have some in my pond feature where they have stayed wet so they are much more pliable and easier to use. So it’s almost better before you dry them to keep them wet so they stay the same shape.

Apply Glycerin to Leaves

Now other trick is use any type of glycerin so they can last longer. Now you can buy glycerin by itself in the store but you’ll find if you look around the house in many different types of your hair freeze and shine spray or any type of hair spray or body mist, the main ingredient is glycerin. I’ve got this body spray that’s got sparkles in it and l love it because it’s mainly glycerin, the first ingredient and it makes leaves last longer and just by putting them on a plate and rubbing your leaf onto that plate you can have all types of sparkles on your leaves.

Dry in One Layer

Then turn around and put them on a paper bag or paper box and set them out and dry them in one layer and again even shine spray is wonderful because it makes it shiny and it will keep it. Remember the backside too and you just turn around and dry that and so what I like to do is spray all my leaves down with anything glycerin based and you can enjoy it for a long time.

Use a Microwave to Dry the Leaves

You can also set your leaves on a paper towel and microwave them just for a couple seconds and they’ll dry. Sometimes they will curl too so make sure you put glycerin or some kind of spray on them and that way you can enjoy your leaves in a scrap book or keep them as a memory of the nice season you just had.

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