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Video:Make a Teepee Tent

with Susan Nixon

Learn how to make a fun teepee tent for the family to enjoy. You'll be amazed at what you can make out of two king sized sheets!See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Teepee Tent

Hello, I’m Susan Nixon with and today I’m going to show you how to make a teepee tent using two king-size flat sheets.

Prepare a Pattern

I start with a large sheet of paper and make sure it’s 24 inches wide. Measure up 48 inches. I’m going to mark the fold so when we cut this for the fabric we’ll make sure the edge is on the fold.

Now to allow an opening on the top, we’re going to measure over 4 inches from the edge. Now along the very bottom edge, you’re going to measure 24 inches in. And then I’m going to connect the dots and there’s my pattern piece.

Create the Teepee Flaps

So I have my first king-size sheet and I’m going to use the border pattern along the top. I fold it in half once, and I’m going to fold it in half one more time. I take my pattern, put the fold line on my double fold. Use my lead washers to hold my pattern in place. And then just cut along each side. You don’t want to cut the fold, now we just cut across the bottom. So you’ll see, our first two sides are cut and ready to go. Now you want to do the same thing with the second king-size sheet.

Make the Teepee Tent Door

To make the door, we’re just going to measure down 20 inches, from the top of just one piece. So I’m going to start right at my mark, and cut off the fold. This will create my door.

Assemble the Teepee Tent

So the first thing you want to do is sew a hem in the bottom edge of each your four panels. Fold the first edge to about a quarter to about a half-inch, either one. Fold it a second time. And you’re ready to sew. I’m just sewing really close to the edge. And now each panel is hemmed.

Now what we need to do is sew a tunnel for a pvc pipe to go through. That’s what holds the tent up. Come in two inches from the edge.

I’ve taken a 2nd panel, ugly sides touching, and we’re going top sew right along this edge. Now we’re going to flip and put that on the inside. Now we’re going to sew it for the final time to create the pocket so I’m going to sew 2 inches along from top to bottom on all four panels. So I’m finishing my 4th panels together. Now we have all 4 panels sewn and we’re ready to put the pvc pipe in.

Put PVC Pipe In

I have a length of ¾ inch pvc pipe. I measure up 68 inches. I measured 6 inches down, I’m just going to drill a hole all the way through. Do the same thing on the next 3 poles. Flip your teepee so it’s pretty side out now. Start with the piece that has the hole drilled at the top. Feed that through from the bottom, and this is where we’re going to tie it together.

Tie the Teepee Tent Together

You last steps is to take a shoelace or a piece of chording rope through all 4 sets of holes. Tie this at the top. And this is what’s going to hold our teepee together. Here’s our finished teepee tent, ready to set up four hours of fun wherever you go.

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