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Video:Make a Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

with Jonathan Stewart

Making a dinosaur costume at home can be fun, easy and your kids will love it. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a dinosaur costume from a hoodie.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

Is your little guy or girl obsessed with dinosaurs? Maybe they want to dress up as T-Rex or be a Brontosaurus this Halloween, but you nearly fell over at the costume shop when you saw the price tag.

Without having to be a sewing whiz or follow in the footsteps of Martha Stewart, you can make an amazing dino costume with just a hoodie and a few odds and ends.

Supplies for the Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

First, gather all the materials you'll need. These include:
  • an adult-sized hoodie or a couple of sizes bigger than your child's normal size (think big like a dino), preferably in green
  • felt in different colors in white for teeth and eyes -- black for eyes, green, orange, and yellow
  • green thread
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • green fabric in a jersey knit or cotton
  • stuffing
  • pins
Great places to find hoodies include local discount merchants like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. You can also find nice slightly used ones on eBay, at thrift shops, or yard sales. These are also great places to pick up your other materials if you don't already have them, and don't forget those great craft shops like Michael's or Joanne's.

Make the Teeth and Eyes for the Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

With materials in hand, it's time to get started. Take some paper or cardboard and create a triangle that can be used as the model for the teeth and spikes. This will make sure they are all a consistent size. Cut small triangles from the white felt. Then, pin these around the rim of the hood. Use a straight stitch and secure them to the hood. Now, you've got the chompers done.

While this dinosaur is going to be green, don’t let this stop your child's imagination from running wild. They can make grey, brown, or even camouflage-colored dinosaurs thanks to the wide range of available hoodie colors.

Now, it's time for the eyes and nose. Cut out an oval shape from the yellow felt to make eyes and add a smaller white oval on top followed by an even smaller black oval for the center. Glue these on both sides of the hood. If you want, you can sew around them for reinforcement. Cut out two nostrils from the black felt and glue (and stitch) these to the top front portion of the hood.

Add Spikes and Claws to the Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

From here, it's time to move onto the spikes and the claws. Get your green and orange felt ready. Of course, if you have chosen other hoodie colors, you can change these colors to suit what your child wants.

Make a larger cardboard triangle as the model for cutting out green felt triangles that will be pinned from the top of the hood all the way down the center of the jacket. Straight stitch these on from the inside of the jacket.

Use the tooth cardboard triangle as a model to then cut orange felt triangles to form six claws so that three will be stitched on the cuff of each hoodie sleeve. Underneath the hoodie, your child can choose to wear leggings or slim sweatpants to finish off the effect.

Create the Tail for the Dinosaur Costume From a Hoodie

But first, it's time to make the tail. For the tail, take your green fabric, fold it in half, and cut a large triangle shape to the size that fits your child's size. Keep the fabric the wrong side up and then sew up the open edges. Be sure to leave an opening to add the stuffing. Then, turn the fabric right side out, fill it with stuffing, and sew up the opening. Finally, pin the tail on the inside of the jacket and stitch down the center so it's secure.

You may even be able to find dino slippers from some of the kids' shops, as these would be a cute addition to the costume. Zip your little dinosaur up and set them loose to wreak havoc upon the neighborhood. I'm Jonathon Stewart, with
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