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Video:How to Tie Dye

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Kick yourself back in time and try on some groovy tie dyeing for size. It's easy, fun for the whole family, and you even get souvenirs with your memories.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Tie Dye

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for About.com. Looking for a groovy way to chillax for an afternoon, and get yourself some gnarly new duds all in one? Get a load of these funky tie dye tips, and you'll have the skinny on a fab new far out look. Awe sooky sooky. Dig it.

Supplies Needed to Tie Dye

Today all you'll need is a plain white 100% cotton t-shirt (or anything else you feel like tie dying), an apron and some plastic gloves, a couple garbage bags, a plastic applicator bottle for each color, and dye, which you can get at your local crafts store. You might also find that crafts stores have a whole dying kit, which has the bottles and dye included - but if not, just make sure your dye is "fiber reactive" so that your final design doesn't bleed.

Prepare the T-Shirt for Tie Dyeing

Start by washing your cotton shirt in hot water, and then let it air dry for a few minutes. The shirt should still be a little damp when you're ready to dye.

Arrange the Tie Dye Supplies

Lay out your garbage bags so you have plenty of room to work, preferably outside so that you don't inhale any dye fumes. Next, get on your gloves and carefully pour your dye into a squeeze bottle if it doesn't already come with a plastic applicator bottle - anything that allows you to control the release of the dye will do.

Tie Dye Designs

We're going to be doing the classic spiral today, but know that there is absolutely no limit to the patterns you can create with your newly acquired tie dying skills. After learning the basics, try twisting, turning, and tying up your shirt with rubber bands or string, and see what you get. You flower child you.

Begin Tie Dyeing

Next, take your damp t-shirt and lay it flat on a clean surface. Pinch the center of the shirt and slowly twist it in a circle. Make sure the fabric doesn't bunch up too much, and when you're finished, you should have a shape that sort of resembles a giant lollipop. Move it outside to your garbage bags, and you're ready to dye. Carefully apply your dye in rings - you can use multiple colors if you like, or utilize the white space if you're going for a single hue. Be careful not to splash or spray the dye. When you've colored all the rings you want, flip the shirt over and attempt to repeat your color scheme here. And don't worry if you mess up. There's no messing up here. There's nothing but love.

Dry and Set the Dye

Next, place your creation carefully into a plastic bag and let the dye set, preferably for a day or two. Remove your shirt and rinse in cold water. Note that some of the dye will rinse out, which is okay. When you're done, toss it in the wash - by itself - on the hottest setting you've got. Dry in the dryer, and your dye should be set. And wear with pride. Peace!

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