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Video:How to Make an Origami Crane

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In this video learn step by step, how to create your own Japanese origami crane.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an Origami Crane

Hi I'm Larry Wood with I'm an origami instructor and teacher and today we are going to be folding an origami crane.

What You'll Need

  • Origami Paper and Optional Folding Tools

To do that, I have a seven inch square of origami paper and folding tools I like to use.

The Body of the Crane

We take our piece of paper, our six inch red and we fold it point to point. We now have a triangle shape. Set your crease. Open this and fold your other point. Open it again and now we fold it in half this way. Open it up and fold it in half again. Open it up and now we have this shape, if you hold the points as I am doing.

This will collapse into a diamond shape. We are going to take this edge and fold it into the center line, setting your crease. We take the other side and bring that edge to the middle, and we now have this.

We turn this over and bring this edge into the center just as we did on the other side. Set our crease. Bring this edge into the center also and set our crease. The next step is to go to the top and along the line here, we're going to fold it like this. It looks like an ice cream cone, and we're going to bring it up, turn the paper and then we're going to fold it the other way.

This is pre-setting creases for a few steps down the road.

And we now have this shape.

Origami Wings

The next step is to open these flaps, slide your thumb inside and this will begin to come up like this and using the crease lines we have set, it takes this shape, which we fold down.

Turning it over, we repeat the sequence.The next step is to take the top flap, bring it up, turn it over. Take the other flap and bring it up.The next step is to take this edge and fold it into the center. We go to the other side and repeat that.Then we turn it over and repeat those steps on this side.The next step is to take these legs and fold them up like this and fold them the other way to set the crease in both directions and we do an inside reverse fold and it comes up like this.

Origami Crane Head

Create Origami Crane Head.

The next step is to give our crane a head. Slide your finger up on one side or the other and just bend it over and our crane now has a head. The next step is to give our crane a shape and we do this by taking these tips which are the wings and we gently begin to pull it out like this.And now we have the traditional origami crane.

Thanks for watching today. If you'd like any more information, stay with us on

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