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Video:How to Make an Easy Laminated Ornament

with Angela Dawn

Making easy laminated ornaments is a fun project for the whole family. These keepsake easy laminated ornaments will continue to bring you joy every holiday season.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an Easy Laminated Ornament

Hi, this is Angela with About.com and today I going to show you how to make laminated Christmas ornaments. You can make any variety of laminated ornaments. A beautiful Christmas tree is something to behold, but it is a whole other thing when it is done at home. This will give your children and yourself a confidence boost in your craft skills.

Supplies for Easy Laminated Ornaments

All you will need are:

  • scissors 
  • markers
  • a pencil
  • a single hole punch
  • paper
  • string or ribbon
  • laminating paper

Use Laminating Paper for Easy Laminated Ornaments

First, draw out your design on your paper with the pencil. Once your design is finished, you can go over it with a marker and add some color. Next, carefully cut out the decoration. You can go further and stencil around the insides of the ornaments and remove the parts that you want to be seen through. Place your ornaments in between the laminating plastic. Peel away the seal and secure the edge. Slowly peel the protective paper from one corner and smooth out the air bubbles.

Finish Your Easy Laminated Ornaments

Carefully cut out your ornaments. Then take the hole punch, and make  a hole for your hanger. Tie your string to the ornament and hang it up.If you want to get real fancy, you can use a combination of pencil and markers to draw lines and boarders to make it look nice. You can color them as well to give them life instead of plain white ornaments. Merry Christmas!

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