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Video:How to Make a Star Birthday Invitation

with Aubrey

Star birthday party invitations are easy to make and customizable for your birthday celebration. Check out how to make a start birthday invitation with this tutorial.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Star Birthday Invitation

Hello, I’m Aubrey for Today, I'm going to show you how to make a star party invitation using a design from

To Make the Star Invitation Stencil, You’ll Need:

  • A cutting board
  • A piece of acetate or stiff plastic
  • A drawing or printout of the star design
  • A few pieces of low-tack
  • construction paper
  • a few pieces of paper or card stock for the invitation

Secure the Star Template to the Plastic

To begin, go to and print out a star clipart design to use for your stencil. Place the sheet of acetate on your cutting board. Now place the design, front facing down on the acetate. Place a few pieces of tape along the edges to secure the design to the acetate.

Make sure there is plenty of acetate around the edges of the star design, so that you don’t accidentally tear the stencil when you are using it later. Flip the papers over and begin cutting. Be sure the craft knife is sharp both for safety and to ensure the lines are clean.

Use firm pressure so you only need to cut each line once. Secure the acetate, use your free hand to hold it in place while you cut. Make sure you to keep your fingers clear of the blade. Rotate the design while you are working so you are continually cutting at a safe angle.

Decorate the Star Birthday Invitations

After you finish cutting out the star, remove the tape. Now tidy up any rough edges. You can use this stencil on various sheets of colored construction paper to decorate your card with multiple stars. Trace the design on construction paper.

Now you will prep a sheet of paper to be used as the base of the card. Fold the paper in half one time for a larger card. Go ahead and fold the paper in half a second time for a smaller, more compact card. Set the card to the side while you prepare the star cut-outs.

Set a sheet of wax paper on your work surface so you can keep the area clean. Line the stars up in rows to save yourself time by gluing them all at once. Apply glue to the back of each star. Place the stars on your card in whatever pattern you like. Set the card aside until it is fully dried. You can reuse this stencil to make as many stars as you like for multiple invitations.

Include Information on the Star Invitation

Be sure to print-out or write down all of the details inside the invitation. Make sure you include the host’s name, time, date, location, and contact info.

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