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Video:How to Make a Sparkly Pinecone Ornament

with Susan Harding

You can save money on decorations and help kids express their creativity by making these sparkly pinecone ornaments. Hang them on the tree, use them for centerpiece decorations or attach them to presents to add some festive glitz.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Sparkly Pinecone Ornament

Hi, I'm Susan Harding, here today with Today we're going to show you how to create sparkly pinecone ornaments.

Pinecones have a perfect shape for Christmas ornaments and if you find them outside, this craft is practically free and fun to make with kids.

Pinecone Christmas Ornament Supplies

For this craft, you're going to need pinecones, glue, a paintbrush, glitter, paper or plastic plates, thread and scissors.

And for other variations, you may want to also have paint, ribbon, ornament hooks and sparkly pompoms.

Create the Ornament Hook

First, cut a ten to twelve inch piece of thread and tie it around the top scales of the pinecone. Then grab the ends, and tie another knot, keeping the knot up high, to create a loop for it to hang. And cut off the ends of the thread.

Paint the Pinecone Ornaments

Put down a plate to prevent messy glitter and glue from spilling. Kids can then take a small paint brush and add glue to the scales, and then either sprinkle the pine cone with glitter or roll it in the glitter. If using white glitter, you may want to put it mostly on the ends of the scales, in places where it looks like snow would fall.And then put it in a safe place to dry before hanging it on your tree.

Pinecone Christmas Tree Ornament Variations

For some fun variations, you may want to paint the pinecone first. Then add the glue and glitter and to the top, glue on a sparkly pompom ball.To hang your pinecone ornament, instead of thread, you can use a ribbon. Just like before, tie it to the end of the pinecone and then tie another knot. to create a loop. Or you can take a Christmas ornament hook, tie a piece of thread around the pinecone, and attach the hook to the thread. Besides the tree, you can put the ornaments in a bowl to use as a decoration, or use them to liven up presents as well.

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