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Video:How to Make a Snow Globe

with Lisa Jo Rudy

Even if the weather outside isn't frightful, you can still make it snow. Using some everyday supplies, your child can create his own custom-made snow globe.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Snow Globe

Hi, I'm Lisa Jo Rudy for, and today my daughter and I will show you how to make a snow globe.

Snow Globe Supplies

For this project, you will need:
  • an empty glass or plastic jar with a tight lid. An ordinary jelly jar is fine; we bought this one for $2 at a craft store.
  • a good-sized lump of children's modeling clay
  • a plastic toy to go inside the snow globe
  • shells from one or two eggs
  • a kitchen mallet
  • a pitcher of water

Create the Base of the Snow Globe

Start with a ball of clay. Flatten it into a circle about 1/2-inch thick. Press the circle of clay into the lid of your jar. Be sure it sticks.

Press the bottom of your plastic toy into the circle of clay. Be sure it's secure.

Crush the Eggshells

Crush your eggshells with a kitchen mallet or similar tool. When you're done, they should be crushed to the size of large snowflakes.

Combine the Water and Eggshells

Pour the eggshells into the glass jar. Then, pour water into the jar; fill it to within half an inch of the top.

Put the lid on the jar. Your plastic toy will be upside down, hanging from the lid.

Seal the Snow Globe with Clay

Roll the remaining clay so that you have a long, thin rope of clay. Wrap the rope of clay around the top of the jar where the lid meets the glass. Press the clay down firmly to form a water-tight seal.

Flip the jar upside down so that it is sitting on its lid. You've made a snow globe!

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