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Video:How to Make a Scarecrow

with Jonathon Stewart

Learn how to make a scarecrow that you can display at home during autumn. Here, see step-by-step instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Scarecrow

Fall is a fun, festive time of year that reminds us of the harvest season. Along with this reminder is the icon that watches over many a field to make sure there is something to harvest. That is, the scarecrow. A favorite among those who like to decorate their home for the autumn season, here's a quick and easy scarecrow that you can make.

Supplies for Making a Scarecrow

Let's start with the materials you need, most of which can be found around the home while the rest require a quick trip to your local craft store. You'll need:
  • a six foot and a four foot pole – maybe an old broomstick or rake pole or even bamboo or scrap wood will do
  • duct tape
  • a long sleeve shirt
  • old pair of blue jeans or overalls
  • a permanent or fabric marker
  • straw hat
  • pillow case
  • gloves
  • straw and twine

Tip for Making a Scarecrow

Look around for old clothes you haven't word since that barn dance of ‘93, or if you can't part with anything in your wardrobe, visit a thrift store or yard sale for the scarecrow's clothes and hat. Straw is easy to find at a craft store, or a local farm.

Steps for Making a Scarecrow

The first step is to build the scarecrow's skeletal frame so he can stand up in your front yard or be hung up on a display. Take the four-foot pole and slide it through the sleeves of the shirt so that it sticks out the hand holes of the shirt on either side. Now, take the six foot pole and place the four foot pole about one foot from the top of it. You'll have a cross. Duct tape the two poles together. From there, it's onto the lower body. Take the blue jeans or overalls and place the six foot pole through one of the legs. The other pant leg will simply dangle to the side. Pull the jeans up far enough to tuck the shirt in and so the pole still sticks out the bottom of the leg. Tie the legs off with the twine and fill them full of straw.

It's time to button the shirt and tuck it in to the jeans or overalls. Stuff the straw down the shirt so it is loose but fills out the scarecrow's body. Put the gloves or mittens onto the end of the shirt sleeves and fasten these with twine. Also use the twine around the waist to keep the shirt tucked in. This is where overalls also work well to keep the whole ensemble looking neat. Sometimes, straw is known to mold, so you can also stuff the scarecrow with newspaper or pillow stuffing material. However, it's still nice to add a few tufts of straw out the top of shirt, arms, and legs for that true scarecrow effect.

Now, it's onto the head and hat. Fill the pillowcase with straw (or other kind of stuffing material) until the head fills out for the desired effect you want. You can also use a burlap bag in place of a pillow. Tie the head onto the end of the six foot pole that is sticking out of the shirt and tie it with twine. Draw a face with the fabric or permanent marker. You could get really crafty here and use fabric paint, buttons, or felt. Finally, use pins or glue to attach the straw hat to the scarecrow's head.You can also personalize the scarecrow with many fun accessories that define you. Maybe it's a team ball cap, a silly mask, patches on the jeans or overalls, or a spikey pink mohawk. Just about anything that makes your scarecrow stand out in the crowd this fall.

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