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Video:How to Make a Scarecrow Costume

with Angela

Learning how to make a scarecrow costume is a good DIY Halloween idea that won't take too long to put together.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Scarecrow Costume

Hi, I am Angela with and today I am going to show you how to make a scarecrow Halloween costume .Scarecrows are a popular feature of the fall Halloween season. What a great idea for a Halloween costume. There are no two scarecrows alike and your scarecrow will be as unique as you are. You can make your costume from found objects at home or from inexpensive items from the craft shop.

Supplies for Making a Scarecrow Costume

To make a scarecrow Halloween costume you will need: 

  • two yards of burlap
  • two yards of fabric for your pants
  • fabric for decoration
  • rope

  • scissors
  • package of raffia
  • hot glue
  • marking pencil
  • fabric glue
  • a small hat

  • a package of bias tape or ribbon
a tape measureand your child's shirt and pants for a pattern

Instructions for Making a Scarecrow Costume

For the top, lay two yards of burlap on a table folded in half. Lay the shirt on the burlap cloth. Take a maker and draw about three inches outside the edge of the shirt. Now, follow the marks and cut your shirt out. For the neckline cut a half moon for the head with a 3 inch slit down the front. Instead of a sewing the costume we are going to use fabric glue to stitch the shirt together across the arms and down the sides. Then set it aside to dry.

Additional Instructions for How to Make a Scarecrow Costume

We are going to use the same steps to make the pants. Lay your fabric out and place the pants on top. Mark the pants three inches to the outer edge of the pants. You can make the pants straight or balloon them out for the shape you want.With the right side of the fabric together glue the outside and the inner seams of the pants and set aside to dry. When the pants are dry turn them right side out.

For the next step, measure your child's wrist, ankles and waste.
 Use the raffia for the arms and legs to look like scarecrow stuffing. Take 12 inches of bias tape or ribbon and mark the center point.
Take your child's wrist measurement and divide by two. Mark to the left and right of the center point on the ribbon.

Glue the raffia in the marked area with a hot glue gun. To secure the raffia, glue another piece of ribbon over the top. Do this for both wrist and ankles.

Once the shirt and pants are good and dry decorate them. You can use old clothes are scraps of fabric to make patches for the costume by cutting different shapes and sizes and gluing to the front and back of the shirt and pants. You can also glue a little raffia that sticks out from under the patches.For the final touch take a craft hat and glue on a patch or two. To assemble the scarecrow costume, tuck the shirt in the pants and tie around the waist with a piece of rope. Then tie the raffia ribbons to the ankles and the wrist. Bring the shirt over the wrist and tie off with a small piece of rope and bring the pants over the ankles and tie off with a piece of rope as well. Now, your little scarecrow is ready to go trick-or-treat.

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