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Video:How to Make a Photo Calendar

with Bonnie Zaiss

Make a photo calendar so that you and loved ones can enjoy your favorite photos year-round. Here are some tips on how to make a photo calendar.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Photo Calendar

Hi, I'm Bonnie Zaiss for Enjoy family photos year-round with a custom photo calendar.

Prepare Your Photos to Make a Photo Calendar

First, gather some of your favorite photos. Find photos that are close to the desired size of your calendar. This one is 8-1/2" by 11". If your photos are on a digital camera, download them to a software program that will allow you to crop and resize the photographs close to the size of your calendar. You can scan your images as well –- if you don't have a scanner, ask your local print shop to help. We're also adding a white frame around our photos with a custom caption.

Program Your Calendar to Make a Photo Calendar

Next, find a free download-able monthly calendar on the web or use a calendar template from your word processing program. Your local printer is another option for monthly calendars. If you can program your calendar, customize it -- use your favorite fonts and colors and add special dates like anniversaries and birthdays.

Print and Bind Your Calendar to Make a Photo Calendar

Buy some photo-quality paper and print the calendar on one side and the following month's photo upside down on the other side like so.

There are lots of options to bind your calendar together but for your best results, have a print shop spiral-bound the pages together and add a clear cover on the top and a sturdy sheet for the back.

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