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Video:How to Make a Peacock Tail

with Jonathon Stewart

Want to learn how to make a peacock tail that you can use for a costume? Here, see step-by-step instructions for how to make it.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Peacock Tail

A peacock costume is a unique and fun way for your child to stand out this Halloween or at the next costume party. It is also a costume that can be as simple or complex as you want it to be based on your plans and your overall crafty mood. The first step is to collect your materials.

Supplies for Making a Peacock Tail

You will need:
  • a plastic folding fan
  • peacock feathers
  • newspaper
  • pliers
  • belt
  • six-gauge craft wire
  • and your trusty hot glue gun

Note About the Peacock Tail

The rest of the outfit is up to you, so you may want a simple dress or use a casual sweat suit as the base. If you’re wondering where on earth you might get peacock feathers without sneaking into the zoo and plucking one in the dark, there are craft stores that carry them. Look online by typing in peacock feathers, and you’ll find a number of sources, including EBay and other sites that have them.

How to Make the Peacock Tail

Start with the plastic folding fan, which will make the peacock tail base. Place the fan on a flat work surface on top of the newspaper. Draw vertical lines with the hot glue, using the plastic fan supports as a way to place the glue consistently across the fan. Be sure to stick with a plastic fan because wood and paper fans are not as durable. Now, it’s time to put a peacock feather onto the fan in the same place as the hot glue. The bottom of each feather should be just above the bottom of the fan. This will allow the top of the peacock feather to extend beyond the top portion of the fan. Add as many feathers as you like to fill it out. A peacock proudly shows off its plumage so do the same with the costume. Be sure to let the glue sit overnight before continuing – there’s nothing worse than having a hot gluey peacock running around the house.

Next, take the six-gauge craft wire and thread it around one of the outer fan arms. You may have to push the wire through the fabric of the fan to get it to connect. Lay the peacock fan tail on top of the belt with the right side facing upwards. Take both ends of the craft wire and wrap these around the belt. Twist the ends of the wire together by using the pliers. This will secure the fan to the belt. Do the same thing with the outer arms of the fan. The belt then can be tied around any other part of your costume.To add to the peacock effect and further customize your costume, you may also want to make a beak and make some three-toed feet out of slippers. From there, it’s all you. Put on your costume, shake those tail feathers, or say it like Old Johnny T: I’m gonna strut.

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