How to Make a Multi-Colored Friendship Bracelet Video
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Video:How to Make a Multi-Colored Friendship Bracelet

with Katie McClanan

A friendship bracelet is a cute, cheap craft to make with your friends--all you really need is string! Learn how to make a candy-striped friendship bracelet with the tutorial in this craft video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Multi-Colored Friendship Bracelet

Hi, I'm Katie from and today I'll show you how to make a candy-striped friendship bracelet.

Materials for a Multi-Colored Friendship Bracelet

You will need:

  • Tape
  • Three or more colors of friendship bracelet string
  • Scissors

Instructions for Making a Multi-Colored Friendship Bracelet

First you tie a knot at the top of all of your strings (tying them together) be sure to leave about an inch of loose strings at the top. Next tape the inch of loose ends to a steady surface.

Take the farthest string to the right and cross it under the string that is second farthest to the right to make the shape of a four. Now take the end of the string that was farthest to the right and thread it through the hole in the four, pull tightly. Repeat this series of steps again (with the same string) but to the opposite direction to make a backwards four. Do the stitch to every string and then repeat.

To finish tie on another classic knot and use the loose ends to tie around you or your friend's wrist.

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