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Video:How to Make a Mermaid Tail for Kids

with Christina Gavenda

You can make a mermaid tail costume with a few simple tricks. Check out the materials you'll need and how to design a mermaid tail out simply.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Mermaid Tail for Kids

Hello, My name is Christina Gavenda, with Today I will be talking with you about how to make a mermaid costume.

Decorate a Skirt to Look Like Mermaid Scales

To make the tail, decorate a skirt to look like scales! Starting at the bottom of the skirt, begin drawing large sized scales with a fabric marker or glitter fabric glue. Make the scales lay upward so that each scale is shaped like a rainbow. Work your way all the way around the skirt. For the next row of scales, begin the first scale in the middle of the top scale, and end this scale in the middle of the next scale. Continue working in this way, using the top layer of scales to show you where your next scales will go. Continue making the scales all the way to the top waistband of the skirt.

Use Embellishments on the Mermaid Fins

To make the fins, use a pencil to section off a part of the back of the skirt which will be the fins. Use a pencil to mark off the excess fabric all the way around the base of the skirt, starting with the beginning of the fins, and ending with the other side of the fins. It is a good idea to use measuring tape while you are working, to ensure you cut an even line around the skirt. Next, cut out fins on either side of the skirt by cutting a curved triangle out of the back of the skirt. Cut off the excess fabric all the way around the base of the skirt, so that you have the fins hanging down from the rest of the skirt.

Accessorize the Mermaid Tail Costume

To give the base of the skirt a finished look, add tulle to the base of the skirt using a hot glue gun. To give the tail fins a finished look, gather a small bunch of tulle and tie it in a knot. Use the hot glue gun to attach the knot to the skirt, with the knot facing down, and the tulle coming over the knot in a graceful pouf. To finish the costume, accessorize with a tiara and a shiny top. The accessory options really are endless and it’s a wonderful way to get your daughter’s imagination going!

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