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Video:How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Pot

with Rachel Edelman

Add a little sparkle to your child's next party by making these adorable flower bouquets. All you need is a few everyday craft supplies.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Pot

Hi, I'm Rachel Edelman for About.com. Need a fun craft? Today I'm going to show you how to make a potted plant with tissue paper flowers.

Flower Bouquet Supplies

To make the potted plant, you will need:
  • small ceramic flower pots
  • dried Spanish moss
  • Styrofoam cubes
  • green pipe cleaners
  • tissue paper in assorted colors
  • scissors

Prepare the Flower Supplies

Cut the tissue paper down into circular pieces with wavy edges. You might choose to use special scissors with patterned edges for this.

Once you have cut your pieces, take a pipe cleaner and bend the tip of one end down. This will keep the flowers from falling off the pipe cleaner.

Make the Flowers

Next, take one of the cut pieces of tissue paper, and poke the straight end of the pipe cleaner through the center. Slide the tissue paper all the way to the bent end of the pipe cleaner.

Crumple the tissue paper gently. Continue with 5-6 more pieces of tissue paper on the same pipe cleaner. Use lots of different colors to make bright flowers.

Arrange the Flowers

Once you have made a bouquet of flower flowers, put them aside. Next, stick the Styrofoam cube into the flower pot so it's tight. Then, measure the flower stem to the height of the pot.

Cut the stems, but leave an extra 1/2 inch to stick into the Styrofoam. Push the stem down into the Styrofoam, and you'll see they stay secure.

Decorate the Bouquet of Flowers

Arrange the flowers in the pot. Next, cover the Styrofoam with Spanish moss for an added effect. Continue to decorate the pot, or leave it just as it is. Whatever you choose, make sure you use a lot of colors for your fun flowers!

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