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Video:How to Make a Doll into a Marionette

with Angela Morgan

Make a doll into a marionette for a fun toy that you can use in a puppet theater. Here are some tips on how to make a doll into a marionette.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Doll into a Marionette

Hi, this is Angela with and today I am going to show you how to make this marionette doll.

Supplies to Make a Doll Into a Marionette

First, you will need to choose a doll to animate. You will also need:
  • eyelets
  • glue
  • thread and needle
  • screw and screwdriver
  • scissors
  • paint stirring sticks
You want to choose a doll that is flexible in its arms and legs.

Determine String Length to Make a Doll Into a Marionette

You will also want to decide how long to make the strings. Who will be using the doll? If it is a child will be using the doll, measure the length needed for your child to hold the doll and the doll's feet to touch the ground.

There are many ways to design your marionette puppet. We are going to use horizontal control bars. We are going to have one single horizontal bar to attach the arms and we are going to have a cross bar to attach the head and knees.

Create a Cross Bar to Make a Doll Into a Marionette

Glue two sticks in a cross bar and set them to the side. We are now going to attach our eyelets. You may need to use a wood screw and screw driver to get the whole started. Attach the eyelets at each end of the single bar.

You will attach 3 eyelets on the cross bar -- the one in the center for the head and the two on each end for the feet. Now lay the doll out and the single bar and cross bar lay at the head of the doll.

Attach the Doll to Make a Doll Into a Marionette

Find the knee on the doll and then using a needle and thread sew it to the doll. Make sure to leave enough length of thread plus a little extra using your measurement that you derived earlier.

Attach the thread to the other knee and then attach a thread to the center of the head. Finally, attach the separate strings of thread to both arms. Adjust your length and then tie off each thread to the eyelets. Test your marionette and modify the length of string as needed.

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