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Video:How to Make a Costume Sword

with Chris Davis

Some Halloween costumes are incomplete without accessories like a sword. But creating a costume sword for a knight, pirate or ninja costume is fairly easy and can really dress up your look on Halloween.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Costume Sword

What do ninjas, knights and pirates have in common? They all make great Halloween costumes and they all need a good sword. Creating a costume sword is fairly easy and can really dress up your look on Halloween.

Supplies for Making a Costume Sword:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Masking Tape or Duct Tape (duct tape is best but masking tape will work)
  • Aluminum Foil or reflective duct tape
  • Scissors or a utility knife
  • Glue Stick (Optional - for securing down the aluminum foil and for decorations)
  • A small dowel, stick, or yard stick
  • Clear packing tape

Cut Two Sword Shapes from Cardboard

An important tip before designing your sword is to make sure that the length of the sword going in the same direction as the corrugations in the cardboard. If you take a close look at the cardboard you will see it is composed of long lines. Cut so these lines run the length of the sword. This will give the sword more strength.Draw out the shape of your sword on a piece of cardboard. Using your utility knife, carefully go around the outline and cut through the first layer of the cardboard, this will makes it easier to finish cutting out the sword with scissors. Place the cardboard sword onto another piece of cardboard and trace a second sword. Cut out the second sword as you did the first.

Tape a Stick Between the Sword Shapes

Place one of your cut out swords flat on your work surface and tape a wooden dowel in the center of the sword. If you don't have a dowel you can use a yard stick, broom handle or any long rigid material. Make sure you secure the dowel to the sword. You don't want it slipping when you swing it around. Once you have the rod or dowel securely taped to one half of the sword put the second half on top and tape the two halves together.

Paint and Accessorize the Costume Sword

If you are going to paint your sword then use masking tape. Duct tape does not hold paint well. If you are going to wrap it in aluminum foil or metallic duct tape then either tape will work. At this stage you will either paint the blade silver or wrap the blade in aluminum foil or metallic duct tape. All three methods work and look good for your costume sword, however, aluminum foil does easily tear so if you want to seal it in place wrap the whole blade with clear packing tape. Now add some detail to the sword. Fake jewels and ribbons can really dress up the finished look.

Try different shapes. Short and curved works for a pirate, a long and narrow katana for a ninja and of course the traditional sword of a knight. Your finished swords are reasonably durable but they are not meant to be used for anything other than costume accessories. You should never point the sword at anyone or put it near someones face.

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