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Video:How to Make Sock Puppets

with Kaytie Sproul

Want to learn how to make sock puppets that you can use to entertain friends and family? Here, see helpful instructions for how to make sock puppets at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Sock Puppets

Hi, my name is Kaytie Sproul, and I'm here for to show you how to make sock puppets. With a couple of socks and some craft items, you can have a set of unique puppet all your own.

Supplies for Making Sock Puppets

Before getting started, you'll want to grab the following items:

  • Socks
  • a hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • red or black felt
  • colorful cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • and any other craft items you have in your kit that will help you to embellish your puppet

Instructions for Making Sock Puppets

First, choose a sock for your puppet. When selecting a sock, use one that is at least calf-high, avoiding ankle socks which don't provide enough room to properly construct a puppet. You can use older socks, but don't pick one with excessive holes or wearing if you want to make a puppet that you can keep around for years to come.

Next, grab a small piece of cardboard and trace the shape of your hand, minus your thumb. Cut out the tracing once you've finished and fold it in half – this will be your puppet's mouth. At this point, you'll want to take a piece of red or black felt and cut it to match your cardboard piece. It's a good idea to trace the cardboard piece against the felt and then cut it with sharp scissors for the best fit. Next, make a two- to three-inch cut along the seam line of your sock.

Further Instructions for How to Make Sock Puppets

Once that's done, place a line of hot glue around the edges of your cardboard piece and begin attaching it to the cut you've made to your sock, just like this. We now want to cover up the rough or uneven edges of our puppet's newly placed mouth, so take your felt piece and glue it in place. It's now time to give your puppet some personality. Grab two cotton balls and glue a googly eye to each one. Then, glue the cotton balls on the top part of your puppet so he or she is able to see. At this point, you can really do whatever you want to embellish your puppet – get creative and have fun! I'm going to add some doll hair from my craft kit to give my puppet a little more character. A few buttons glued down the front of the sock and a pipe cleaner bow-tie round off the look. Now I just have to give him a name! Sock puppets are sure to keep kids happy for hours, whether they're entertaining themselves with them, sharing them with a friend, or putting on a show for the family.

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