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Video:How to Make Silly Goo

with Natasha Levitan

Whether you're babysitting or just looking for a fresh way to entertain your kids, making silly goo is always a crowd pleaser. Bonus: this recipe is fun and kid-friendly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Silly Goo

Hi, I'm Natasha Levitan for Today I'm going to show you the funnest substance: silly goo. It is squishy and hardens in your hands when you squeeze it, but pours like a liquid when you pour it.

Silly Goo Ingredients

To make silly goo, you will need:
  • 1/2 cup white glue
  • 1 cup liquid starch
  • bottles of food coloring
  • plastic zippered bags
  • a metal spoon

Make the Silly Goo

In a large bowl combine glue and liquid starch and mix them together well. The more you mix them, the thicker the consistency will become.

When you're done, the consistency should become stiff but runny when picked up. And if the mixture is too squishy, you can add more starch.

Add few drops of your favorite colors. Try to add more drops of colors to get new shades of your choosing.

Store the Silly Goo

When the mixture is fairly well mixed you can place it on the cutting board and play with it. You can store your silly goo in an airtight plastic baggy. Goo will keep for two to three weeks if sealed in airtight baggie.

How to Remove Silly Goo Stains

Would you like to know how to remove silly goo? If you get it on your clothing, you can soak it in soapy water to get the stains out.

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