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Video:How to Make Shadow Puppets

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In this video learn how to make a number of different shadow puppets, to entertain your kids!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Shadow Puppets

In this video, you will learn how to make shadow puppets.

What You'll Need

To make shadow puppets, you'll need a large, bare wall or a sheet hanging from the ceiling to act as a screen. To set-up proper lighting, a dark room and a lamp working as a spot light are all you need.

Bright reading lamps with adjustable necks work well for a living room setting. 

Shadow Puppet Dog

First, a shadow puppet dog. With your left palm facing the floor, curl your fingers and thumb toward your hand. Your fingers should be touching your palm. The tip of your thumb, while curled, should remain approximately one inch from your palm.

Hold this posture up to your light source. With your palm still facing the floor, rotate your whole hand a few degrees toward the light. The shadow on the wall with be the lower part of the dog's face. Move your thumb up and down to test out the dog's mouth.

Next, cup your right hand slightly as if holding the handle of a pot. The index finger should be resting on the middle finger; the middle finger should be resting on the ring finger. Place your cupped hand on top of your left hand. This will be the head of the dog. Now, lift your thumb straight up. This will be the dog's ear. Move your left hand thumb up and down to make the dog bark.

Shadow Puppet Face

First, with your right palm facing the light source, make your hand into a loose fist. Your ring and pinky fingers should be tightly together and tucked into your palm. Leave a space between your ring finger and middle finger. Tuck your middle finger into your palm as well. Make sure your index finger is slightly pointed and that your thumb is pressed into the side of it, as shown.

Now simply cup your left hand and place it over the top of your right hand. Leave some space between the two hands for an eye. Widen the space between your right ring finger and your right middle finger to make the man's mouth move.

Swan Shadow Puppet

With your right forearm straight up, simply bring all of your fingers together as if your were holding a pinch of salt. Then, bend your wrist as far as you can. This is the swan's head and neck.

Next, spread out the fingers on your left hand and place your left palm against your right bicep. This is the swan's feather plume.

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