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Video:How to Make Leaf Paint Prints

with Chris Davis

Creating leaf paint prints is a great way to get your kids outdoors exploring, with an end result that can be hung on your wall. Here are steps for helping your kids make leaf paint prints.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Leaf Paint Prints

Looking for an art project that involves a little exercise? Creating leaf prints will get your children outside exploring, with an end result that you can hang on the wall. Tips on this art project come from the About.com Family Crafts site.

Collect Leaves

To start this project, go for a walk. Have your kids collect a variety of leaves, focusing on different shapes and sizes. If they are collecting leaves during the autumn months, be aware that, although fallen leaves do have a very unique texture, they also crumble and fall apart quite easily. Finding leaves that aren't too dry will help maintain the leaves longer during printing.

Leaf Paint Print Materials

Once you have collected all of your leaves, you will need the following:
  • Paint
  • Plastic or paper plates
  • Construction paper
  • Paper towels

Cover Leaf in Paint

You may also want to use an old table cloth or some newspapers to protect your work space. First, fold a paper towel into fourths and lay it on the bottom of the plate. Squirt a small amount of paint onto the paper towel. Spread it around evenly to create a stamp pad. Using the back side of the leaf, dip it onto the paint-covered paper towel until the leaf is coated with paint. Try not to get too much paint on the leaf because it will produce a poor print. If you have too much paint, wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

Paint Prints With Leaf

Now, place the leaf onto the construction paper and press down lightly. This will help transfer the texture of the leaf to the paper. Keep repeating this process to create a collage of leaf prints. Kids love mixing colors as they go, so let them experiment. Coat half the leaf with one color and half with another, or mix several colors together. Be creative and have fun. To keep the leaf intact as long as possible, try to coat only one side and use just the amount of paint that you feel you need. This will keep the leaf from soaking up too much paint; however, your leaf will eventually wear out and start to tear. This project can be a lot of fun as well as educational if you decide to try to identify leaves as you print. You can also print your leaves onto other surfaces, such as t-shirts, plates and even walls. Just make sure you are using the proper type of paint.

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