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Video:How to Make Glitter Leaf Crafts

with Jacob Taxis

Glitter leaf crafts are a fun and decorative project that kids will enjoy and that you can display in a number of ways. This video from will teach you to make glitter leaf crafts.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Glitter Leaf Crafts

Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video, you will learn how to make glitter leaf crafts.

Glitter Leaf Craft Materials

To begin, you'll need:

  • Pencil
  • Cardstock (various colors)
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter 

Find Leaf Shapes

First, find inspiration for your leaf shapes. Take a walk through a park and collect any leaves that grab your attention. Or, simply search the internet for leaf shapes that interest you.

Create Paper Leaves

Draw or trace these shapes onto the colored cardstock. Then, with an exacto knife or scissors, cut out the shapes.

You might want to make them a little more life-like. If so, carefully crinkle or scrunch the paper leaves to give them a three-dimensional autumn leaf-like appearance. 

Add Glitter to Leaves

Using the glue stick, lightly rub glue in various patterns across the paper cut-outs. This is where the glitter will stick. Next, sprinkle glitter onto the leaves right away and let the leaves dry.

As an alternate to glue, consider laying down puffy paint and sprinkling with glitter.

When the leaves have thoroughly dried, shake off the excess glitter.

Displaying Glitter leaves

Your new glitter leaves are ready for the spotlight. There are a variety of ways to display your glitter leaves.

For example, they look wonderful incorporated into a mobile. First, attach fishing line to the leaves. Then, arrange the strands of fishing line on a stick and hang it overhead.

You can also attach the leaves with hot glue to a small bundle of branches. Then set the leafed branches in a vase to create a beautiful decorative piece. 

You might also want to make a stylized work of art by arranging a variety of the paper leaves onto a solid backdrop. Then, simply frame the arrangement in a vintage or modern frame.

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