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Video:How to Finger Paint With Food

with Chris Davis

Finger painting is fun, but finger paint with food is also tasty. Learn how to make edible paint that is perfect for young children to play with because this paint is nontoxic.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Finger Paint With Food

Craft projects with toddlers are a lot of fun, however, kids at that age still have a tendency to put things in their mouths, which can be dangerous with some art supplies. Edible finger paints are easy to make, fun to use and no one gets hurt. To get started you will want to choose the type of edible finger paint you would like to use. There are several options.

Mix Yogurt and Food Coloring to Finger Paint

Yogurt paint. To make yogurt paint you will need plain or vanilla yogurt and food coloring. Place several scoops of yogurt into a small bowl and add a drop or two of food coloring. Stir the mixture until the color is well blended. Remember a little food coloring goes a long way so try not to add too much. Besides the more food coloring you add the more likely the mixture will stain little fingers and whatever they touch so I recommend you add slowly. Also you don’t need too much food coloring because once the yogurt dries it will appear darker than your original mixture.

Condensed Milk is an Edible Paint Base

An alternative to yogurt paint is Sweetened Condensed Milk Finger Paint. The process for making this paint is identical to yogurt paint, however, you will substitute the yogurt for sweetened condensed milk. Remember to go slow with the food coloring, the same staining concerns apply.

Pudding Finger Paint is a Popular Choice

And a third painting option is to use pudding. This mixture is often a big hit with the kids because it's delicious. You will need a package of instant pudding and food coloring. Follow the directions for the pudding than as before add the food coloring to achieve the desired color. You can also incorporate chocolate pudding as well.

Prepare a Space to Easily Clean after Finger Painting

Once you have your paint mixture prepared you will need to decide where the project will take place. A high chair is a great option because you can control the area and your child and clean up is a breeze. For slightly older toddlers I recommend setting them up at a table and having some paper towels handy. Painting with food is fun but it can get a little messy.

Finally you need to give your young artists something to paint on. Almost any type of paper will work, however, if you are hoping to hold onto and display your toddlers art work you will want to use a thicker style construction paper, poster board, or even butcher or wax paper. These paper styles will be less likely to soak through or tear as your child paints. Remember if your toddlers is in the high chair you can always choose no paper and wipe the slate clean every once in awhile. At this point it's time to let your kids loose.

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